The Superusers – Dates

19 November 2022 – Botborg / The Superusers – Nice, France – OVNi Festival

19 November 2022 – 4 December 2022 Château de Mouans, 06370 Mouans-Sartoux, Nice, France. Chemin des Pixels #2 – Light Cone Collection A proposition by OVNi + Light Cone, celebrating it’s 40th anniversary As part of OVNi Festival, the EAC (Espace d’Art Concret à Mouans-Sartoux, Alpes Maritimes) hosts a carte blanche to Light Cone where video works from the collection will be exhibited. This is a new version curated by OVNi of the Chemin des Pixels, an installation

19 November 2022 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Botborg, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.

17 June 2022 – Botborg / The Superusers – Paris, France – Scratch Expanded

17-18 June 2022 Les Voûtes, Paris, France. Light Cone celebrates its 40th anniversary with multiple guest programs, screenings, performances, discussions and festivities throughout 2022. The core of the celebrations will take place from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Paris : On June 17 and 18, Light Cone will be hosting the 10th edition of Scratch Expanded at Les Voûtes. As part of this event, which showcases performances,

17 June 2022 - Dates - Projects: Botborg, The Superusers, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.

4 July 2020 – Big Screen Brutals – Naples, Italy

4 July 2020 Big Screen Brutals in Naples, Italy. Independent Film Show 20th Edition Big Screen Brutals by Botborg is a celebration of six ‘brutal’ videos from current artists using a maximalist aesthetic in video art, digital art, electronic music, and noise. Expect glitchy, psychedelic, violent, and quite beautiful combinations sound and vision. These are electro-shamanic short circuits that lead to a new state of surreality: in Der Kleine Kreis’ Clairvoyant the reduced quasi-geometric

4 July 2020 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Big Screen Brutals, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.

6 April 2018 – The Superusers – Mega Myriad Machine – Berlin, Germany

6 April 2018 The Superusers present their installation ‘Mega Myriad Machine’ in Berlin, Germany. “Mega Myriad Machine” – Exhibition Opening Gr_und Project Space Seestrasse 49, 13347 Berlin-Wedding The Superusers – Jessica Comis, Scott Sinclair.

6 April 2018 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Installation, Tags: Exhibition.

26 January 2018 – The Superusers – Rotterdam, Netherlands – sound//vision @ International Film Festival Rotterdam

sound//vision 2018 is a four-night programme at club WORM Rotterdam featuring live A/V performances. From Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 January the nights of sound//vision offer exceptional and exclusive cooperations between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other artists working in the field of sound and vision. sound//vision – innovative, experimental and adventurous – is part of International

26 January 2018 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Performance.

6 November 2015 – The Superusers – Kompressions of False Mechaniks in a chamber of 3D Hard Light – Aix-en-Provence, France

6 November 2015 The Superusers in Aix-en-Provence, France. The Superusers’ multi-projection installation “Kompressions of False Mechaniks in a chamber of 3D Hard Light” @ Festival Gamerz location: Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence, France www: The Superusers – Pierre-erick Lefebvre, Scott Sinclair.

6 November 2015 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Installation, Audio-visual, Tags: Exhibition.

26 September 2015 – The Superusers – Berlin, Germany – Audio-visual delights

Drumherum proudly invites you to a sensory intense evening of sound and sight as our little space has not experienced it before. On the menu two exquisite Berlin based, experimental acts and our premier 3D projection! With special glasses and everything…:) Doors open @8pm. Performance starts @9pm sharp. (Short pee and ciggy break between the performances) >Part 1 – Soundronic Soundronic is the work of an individual, examining synthesized sounds generated mathematically, electronically, and…

26 September 2015 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Performance.

5 September 2014 – Big Screen Brutals – 5 September 2014 @ Boys Club – The Superusers, Kris Limbach, VJ Meat, Crocanti

FB event: An evening of audio-visual performance encompassing everything from multi-computer 3D explosions to improvisations with dead media. Friday 5. September 2014 Doors: 20:00 Concerts: 20:30 “Boys Club” Address: Gneisenaustraße 52, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg Map: Transports: U7 Südstern The Superusers – real-time…

5 September 2014 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Big Screen Brutals, Art: Audio-visual, Performance, Curation.