KJ Scotty Technology

Karaoke party moderator since 2010.
Resident KJ at Monster Ronsons in Berlin, Germany, 2011-2018.

Q: You are involved in research of karaoke in Company Fuck and The Superusers in recent years. What is your main discovery, invention and innovation of it?
A: I consider karaoke to be a wonderful and absurd equalizer of musicians and the music industry. Let’s say that a famous musician and his or her associates (producers, agents, A&R, drug dealers, caterers, and so on) spend an uncountable amount of time and money to make one song a hit, and all that can all be instantly destroyed by a drunk guy with a microphone. For me, this is something like unintentional culture-jamming, and I think it’s a great way to bring pop music down to the level of us untrained, poor, drunk people (especially the ones who like noise!).
From an interview with Vice Russia.