The Superusers – Rotterdam, Netherlands – sound//vision @ International Film Festival Rotterdam

26 January 2018
The Superusers in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

sound//vision @ International Film Festival Rotterdam

location: WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands
The Superusers – Kris Limbach, Scott Sinclair.

Sound//vision 2018

Jan 25, 2018 at 9:00 PM – Jan 29, 2018 at 3:00 AM UTC+01
WORM Rotterdam

sound//vision 2018 is a four-night programme at club WORM Rotterdam featuring live A/V performances. From Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 January the nights of sound//vision offer exceptional and exclusive cooperations between musicians, video artists, filmmakers and other artists working in the field of sound and vision. sound//vision – innovative, experimental and adventurous – is part of International Film Festival Rotterdam – IFFR’s short film programme.

sound//vision opens its third edition with the performance Recursions by Dutch musician/composer Robin Koek, alias Cyspe, and the audiovisual art collective Deframe (Jessica Dreu and Carolien Teunisse). This layered show provides a dialogue between images, sound and space. It centres on a kinetic sculpture that intertwines live video, software-generated visuals and electronic music. Recursions is commissioned by FIBER.
In their audiovisual performance Secret Shots, Kris Limbach and Scott Sinclair from Berlin incorporate manipulated Super-8 images on monitors with glitchy video images. The duo seek the correlation between the separate images in these almost-forgotten media. This performance presents cinema’s outward appearance, revealing information lost through transferral and time.

The weekend starts with the performance Hirviente by Dutch duo Rikkert Brok (visuals) and Yamila Ríos (sound). Hirviente is commissioned by Klankvorm and based on the concept of condensation/evaporation. The organic Super-8 images that the process generates are morphed by self-built instruments that respond to light and movement. Processed cello recordings provide the soundtrack.
Subsequently, The Superusers (Kris Limbach and Scott Sinclair) create an immersive 3D expanded-cinema experience, Kompressions of False Mechaniks. Experimentation with (fallible) data from programming is combined with video, sound, light and text.
As night falls, we join a Flemish company: Klaas Verpoest (visuals), collaborating with Peter Jacquemyn (double bass), Jan Pillaert (bass tuba) and Caers Vincent (live electronics). In the improvised WORP#2 they play a game with feedback, dissolving the contours of instruments, musicians and material.
Afterparty: LOKA -house, disco, african- featuring DJ’s Lin Tonic, Edo City Kid and Bart Eichholtz

Dutch-Cypriot Pandelis Diamantides – Microseq creates landscapes from images and sound using digital technology. The audiovisual performance Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows consists of processed recordings of voices, physical instruments, field recordings and images of the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus.
French group Collectif Nominoë (Nicolas Berthelot, Emmanuel Lefrant, Alexis Constantin and Courcy Di Rosa Stéphane) then presents Parallax: an expanded-cinema and film performance using 16mm films and live sound. Projectors on dollies continuously change position and light is shaped by lenses. Amplified sound reverberates in the continuously colour-shifting space.
The British cooperation between the image-makers of D-Fuse (Michael Faulkner and Labmeta (Paul Mumford) with sound artist Matthias Kispert concludes this Saturday with their audiovisual spectacular Tektõn. Physical interventions examine the spatial qualities of light and motion. The performance was inspired by Vladimir Tatlin’s constructivist designs and László Moholy-Nagy’s Light-Space Modulator. The collective uses physical or mechanical laws to arrive at the constantly changing light and sound shapes.
Afterparty: Sandwich-Island DJ’s

The final sound//vision evening is opened by Finnish-Dutch filmmaker Britt Kootstra, alias Britt Al-Busultan with her tableaux vivants that she makes using 16mm film loops. In the performance Razzle Dazzle she moves the projectors by hand, which continuously affects the surroundings. The live score is provided by guitarist Lukas Simonis and cellist Nina Hitz from Rotterdam.
The American-Dutch Martha Colburn concludes the third edition of sound//vision with the live performance The Wanderlust West. Colburn collected characteristic moments in America’s past and present from paintings and photographs, and then recorded these on 16mm film. These images are subsequently modified, processed and combined into a commentary on our chaotic era. Music written by Jeroen Kimman comes from Orquesta del Tiempo Perdido consisting of Jeroen Kimman (guitar), Jasper Stadhouders (guitar/bass), Leo Svirsky (accordion), Floris van Bergeijk (keys, sampler) and Tristan Renfrow (drums).
Afterparty: DJ Duckfood / Robert Kroos

sound//vision is made possible thanks to the support of Goethe-Institut Niederlande and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.
Thanks to Klankvorm and FIBER for sharing their commisioned works with us!

21hrs till late! WORM Boomgaardstraat 71 Rotterdam
Entry: 11 Euro per evening, 8 Euro with discount
Free entrance with Cineville!

26 January 2018 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Performance.