Botborg / The Superusers – Paris, France – Scratch Expanded

17-18 June 2022
Les Voûtes, Paris, France.

Light Cone celebrates its 40th anniversary with multiple guest programs, screenings, performances, discussions and festivities throughout 2022. The core of the celebrations will take place from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Paris :
On June 17 and 18, Light Cone will be hosting the 10th edition of Scratch Expanded at Les Voûtes. As part of this event, which showcases performances, installations and screenings, we will present a program of films & videos from the Light Cone collection.

These films will be screened as part of the program:
BotborgConnection to the Photosonicneurokineasthograph
The SuperusersKrushers of False Mechaniks

17 June 2022 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Botborg, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.