The Superusers – Berlin, Germany – Audio-visual delights

26 September 2015
The Superusers in Berlin, Germany.

Audio-visual delights

location: Drumherum – Berlin, Germany
with: Soundronic.
The Superusers – Anton Maiof, Scott Sinclair.

Audio-visual delights >>> Soundronic & the Superusers

Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM UTC+02

Drumherum proudly invites you to a sensory intense evening of sound and sight as our little space has not experienced it before. On the menu two exquisite Berlin based, experimental acts and our premier 3D projection! With special glasses and everything…:)

Doors open @8pm.
Performance starts @9pm sharp.
(Short pee and ciggy break between the performances)

>>>Part 1 – Soundronic
Soundronic is the work of an individual, examining synthesized sounds generated mathematically, electronically, and from the psyche,
looking for unusual rhythmic patterns, emerging sometimes more as strange discoveries, rather than as conscious inventions.

Soundronic’s performances offer a style of immersion where sound and visual representation create unknown atmospheres.

At Drumherum, Soundronic will perform his until now unreleased album “Vakuum”, his more conceptual work: sequences of pure sound frequencies where the visual accompaniment is a type of matrix representation in phase with the sound.
And for the first time, in a special two screens’ format.

>>>Part 2 – The Superusers
present dynamic and cohesive audio-visual performances using a retroactive combination of aggressive audio-visual media with the absurdist humor of dada and expanded cinema. The message is EXCESS!

The Superusers’ anaglyph 3D performance is an audio-visual interaction for live sound and 3D projection for red/cyan glasses. This 3D show portrays a jarring alien landscape where faceless objects dance and sing in a highly-disturbed sense of synaesthesia. The Superusers seek to encapsulate all the excitement and science-fiction nostalgia of early 3D films whilst also exploiting the many failures of this beautifully imperfect technology.

Audience members will be provided with 3D glasses.

26 September 2015 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Performance.