Big Screen Brutals – Naples, Italy

4 July 2020
Big Screen Brutals in Naples, Italy.

Independent Film Show 20th Edition

Big Screen Brutals by Botborg is a celebration of six ‘brutal’ videos from current artists using a maximalist aesthetic in video art, digital art, electronic music, and noise. Expect glitchy, psychedelic, violent, and quite beautiful combinations sound and vision. These are electro-shamanic short circuits that lead to a new state of surreality: in Der Kleine Kreis’ Clairvoyant the reduced quasi-geometric forms move over the screen in aleatoric patterns and form a synesthetic connection with the sound, UCNV’s Crashed Universal is made with a precise research of the way of digital media, in Krushers of False Mechaniks (2D version) by The Superusers a light source becomes incandescent, change colors regularly before transforming into an intense explosion of wild collapsing patterns, Guillaume Vallée’s Tzara I is a hybrid film/video created from an obscure 16mm found footage documentary, inspired by Tristan Tzara’s creative process, in Anulus Pexie by Norihiro Sekitani & Sgure the colorful the collages are distorted examination of elements of the human body, Kokofreakbean said that to produce God Knox: “… I used After Effects, Maya, Photoshop, Reaktor, Premiere, jenkem, dwarf callus shavings and elbow grease to conceive and carry out this self-insemination”.
Independent Film Show

4 July 2020 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Big Screen Brutals, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.