Company Fuck & John Deneuve – The Limited League of Wannabes – 2016

The Limited League of Wannabes by Company Fuck & John Deneuve Installation for video, sound, and found objects. About the installation: What do Company Fuck and John Deneuve talk about when they meet? Q: Did you sing “Wonder Wall” at the karaoké bar yesterday? A: Ah na, I was trying to fly… Welcome to the working space of two Superheroes. Well, a space where they are still trying hard to be Superheroes. Or Superstars. Or Superartists. Here you will learn about their

2016 - Works - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Object, Audio-visual, Installation, Tags: Exhibition.

Company Fuck – Golden Dollcore – 2014

These five unique noise-making dolls were made to celebrate the release of Company Fuck’s album “100% Solid Gold Fucking”, and more specifically, a special edition release called the Mega-Fucking-Limited-and-Extra-Fucking-Gold Edition. This version of the record includes the gold CD (for your CD player), a second golden framed CD (for your wall), plus a unique Company Fuck noise-making doll. Each doll is hand-made and each has a completely unique look and sound. Dolls made with the support…

2014 - Works - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Object.