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17 June 2022 – Botborg / The Superusers – Paris, France – Scratch Expanded

17-18 June 2022 Les Voûtes, Paris, France. Light Cone celebrates its 40th anniversary with multiple guest programs, screenings, performances, discussions and festivities throughout 2022. The core of the celebrations will take place from Thursday, June 9 to Sunday, June 19, 2022, in Paris : On June 17 and 18, Light Cone will be hosting the 10th edition of Scratch Expanded at Les Voûtes. As part of this event, which showcases

17 June 2022 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Botborg, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.

4 July 2020 – Big Screen Brutals – Naples, Italy

4 July 2020 Big Screen Brutals in Naples, Italy. Independent Film Show 20th Edition Big Screen Brutals by Botborg is a celebration of six ‘brutal’ videos from current artists using a maximalist aesthetic in video art, digital art, electronic music, and noise. Expect glitchy, psychedelic, violent, and quite beautiful combinations sound and vision. These are electro-shamanic short circuits that lead to a new state of surreality: in Der Kleine Kreis’ Clairvoyant

4 July 2020 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Big Screen Brutals, Art: Video, Tags: Screening.

29 October 2016 – Scott Sinclair (video) – Berlin, Germany

Ausstellung: Fr – So, 28.10. – 30.10.2016, 15 – 20 Uhr Performances: Fr – So, 28.10. – 30.10.2016, 20 – 22 Uhr Videoinstallation von Oliver Orthuber, Soundsamples von Rieko Okuda. Oliver Orthuber verbindet mit seinem Projekt in der Zwitschermaschine an drei Tagen und Abenden eine Ausstellungs-Installation und Performances im Bereich Musik, Tanz und visueller Kunst. Die Installation umfasst zwanzig einminütige Videoarbeiten und 20 einminütige Klang-Samples, die in zufälligem Wechsel über je zwanzig…

29 October 2016 - Dates - Art: Video.