Company Fuck – Berlin, Germany

21 December 2019
Company Fuck in Berlin, Germany.

Multiversal #98

with Salvo x Hall, Siberian Improvisation Company, Marquadt x Tavil, and more.

Multiversal #98 x Philoxenia Soli-Küfa

Saturday, December 21, 2019 at 8:00 PM – 1:30 AM UTC+01
Villa Kuriosum

Multiversal #98 x Philoxenia Soli Küfa
20:00 Food
21:30 Concerts
more details will be announced!


Company Fuck
Scotty Technology kakarokeke
Salvo x Hall
Sofía Salvo – Baritone Saxophone
Samuel Hall – Drums, Electronics
Siberian Improvisation Company (SIC!) + Korolczuk & Busato
Alexander Markvart – guitar, objects
Max Evstropov – voice, electronics
Kamil Korolczuk – electronics
Marcello S. Busato – drums
Marquardt x Tavil x Yozy
Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – accidental guitar
Utku Tavil – Drums
Yozy Zhang Garvey – Performance
augmented voiz

Philoxenia – food and kindness in action
Philoxenia is an action group led by A.T. , which started its activities in the autumn of 2015 due to great amounts of people who were fleeing from war torn territories and seeking refuge in the European soil..
Philoxenia was formed by individual independent volunteers who were in Lesbos at the time, resolving immediate needs of people who were arriving on various shores continuously; giving away dry clothing, warm tea and soup, arranging transport to a safe area within the island etc. The necessity of immediate action on different locations on the island gave birth to the idea of having a mobile kitchen, which was made possible by independent fund raisers and individual donations within the first couple of weeks and Philoxenia Mobile Kitchen Project was born. After couple of months of the delivery of warm soup and tea on Lesbos due to changing EU border policies and augmented border patrols, Philoxenia Mobile Kitchen went to Turkey in Spring 2016, where thousands of people were stranded in the unofficial refugee camps, to coordinate food distribution and organization of local kitchens in the Selcuk prefecture. After being “invited to leave the country” by Turkish law enforcement, Philoxenia continued its activities for a couple of months in the streets of Belgrade, where hundreds were waiting without any possibility to cook for themselves, to find a way deeper into Europe.
In the summer of 2016 along with other individuals which were active in the Macedonian border, Philoxenia established a permanent kitchen (Soul Food Kirchen / Philoxenia Kitchen) in Thessaloniki, Greece, which since then, prepares and distributes meals, every day, for the people on the streets (refugees and homeless).Until February 2019 the distribution took place on the streets of the city, but due to the increasingly pressing threats of local fascist groups and police controls, from February 2019 in collaboration with other groups, it has been moved to a space open 7 days per week; a safe space for the street population where they can find food distribution, medical care, and legal advice. Currently, we support around 350 people daily. The income from the event will go for covering the rent, bills and dry food needed to continue our activities.

Küfa and entrance based on suggested donation.

21 December 2019 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.