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10 January 2019 – KJ Scotty Technology – Oslo, Norway

Den årlige improvisasjonsfestivalen All Ears åpner torsdag 10. januar hos nyMusikk i Platous gate 18. Velkommen! Dørene åpner: 18:30 Konsertstart: 19:00 PROGRAM Angharad Davies & Lina Lapelyte Lars Ove Stene Fossheim Carliot – it’s never too late Orchestra Karaoke med KJ Scotty Technology PRISER Festivalpass: 900/600 (stud/honnør/ufør) Dagspass torsdag: 350/250 (stud/honnør/ufør/medlem nyMusikk) https://tikkio.com/tickets/6891-all-ears-festival-for-improvised-music

10 January 2019 - Dates - Projects: KJ Scotty Technology, Tags: Karaoke.

13 May 2017 – Eurovision! – Berlin, Germany

Welcome to Berlin’s only Eurovision party for post-humans! Forget nationalism. Goodbye Europe. Auf wiedersehen homo sapiens. In honor of this year’s theme of ‘Celebrate Diversity’ we’re expanding the world’s biggest pop music contest to also include aliens, freaks, and sea life! Join karaoke-cyborg Scotty Technology with special guest journalist from under the sea Squidwin Triumph and discover answers to the important questions such as: Will Deutschland finish above last this time? Will France’s presenter…

13 May 2017 - Dates - Projects: KJ Scotty Technology, Art: Curation, Tags: Karaoke, Eurovision.