Scott Sinclair – …/iiiO\. – Berlin, Germany

28 October 2017
Scott Sinclair’s installation ‘…/iiiO\.’ in Berlin, Germany.

Dark_Side of the Tour exhibition

Gr_und Project Space
Seestrasse 49, 13347 Berlin-Wedding

Bad signals. Disconnected memories. Pixelated images form into nightmares and lead us to explore the dark side of our unconscious. An invitation to bifurcations inside the unknown.

Why not take an alternative sightseeing tour to find the border of the end of Knowingness and transform that path into an irreplaceable sensory experience?

Rays of light illuminate distinct complementary perspectives along a spatial Bokeh. Transparency brings lives together like seasonal souvenirs, waiting to be brought to intimacy.

28 October 2017 - Dates - Art: Audio-visual, Installation, Tags: Exhibition.