Installation – Dates

30 August 2018 – Scott Sinclair & John Deneuve – No More Lonely Nights – Marseille, France

Dans le cadre de La Rentrée de l’art contemporain et de la saison du dessin _ _ Solo Show de John Deneuve Bad Girls Go to Hell Vernissage le 30 août à 18H30 performance à 21h John Deneuve/ Company Fuck / Jaggy B Glitter Face / Lionhell Richbitch NoShame Du 31 août au 6 octobre 2018 Artiste multipluridisciplinaire, John Deneuve vit et travaille à Marseille, célibataire. Cette exposition consacrée aux femmes sera l’occasion pour elle de faire de…

30 August 2018 - Dates - Art: Audio-visual, Installation, Performance, Tags: Exhibition.

28 October 2017 – Scott Sinclair – …/iiiO\. – Berlin, Germany

28 October 2017 Scott Sinclair’s installation ‘…/iiiO\.’ in Berlin, Germany. Dark_Side of the Tour exhibition Gr_und Project Space Seestrasse 49, 13347 Berlin-Wedding Bad signals. Disconnected memories. Pixelated images form into nightmares and lead us to explore the dark side of our unconscious. An invitation to bifurcations inside the unknown. Why not take an alternative sightseeing tour to find the border…

28 October 2017 - Dates - Art: Audio-visual, Installation, Tags: Exhibition.

9 September 2016 – Company Fuck & John Deneuve – The Limited League of Wannabes – Berlin, Germany

Company Fuck & John Deneuve present The Limited League of Wannabes Exhibition Opening Friday 9th September / 19h Exhibition 10th September to 16th September Welcome to the working space of two Superheroes. Well, a space where they are trying to be Superheroes. Or Superstars. Or Super-artists. Here you will learn about their rigorous training schedule, what they eat, what they sing, what they poo. They don’t live like the rest of us – they dwell in a dramatically lit world of wigs and lycra…

9 September 2016 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Audio-visual, Installation, Tags: Exhibition.

6 November 2015 – The Superusers – Kompressions of False Mechaniks in a chamber of 3D Hard Light – Aix-en-Provence, France

6 November 2015 The Superusers in Aix-en-Provence, France. The Superusers’ multi-projection installation “Kompressions of False Mechaniks in a chamber of 3D Hard Light” @ Festival Gamerz location: Fondation Vasarely, Aix-en-Provence, France www: The Superusers – Pierre-erick Lefebvre, Scott Sinclair.

6 November 2015 - Dates - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Installation, Tags: Exhibition.

15 August 2014 – Botborg – Neural Luminance Amplifier – Canberra, Australia

15 August 2014 Botborg in Canberra, Australia. Colour Music @ Drill Hall Gallery (Australian National University) There will be a live demonstration from Botborg as well as a new immersive audio-visual installation entitled “Neural Luminance Amplifier”.

15 August 2014 - Dates - Projects: Botborg, Art: Installation, Performance, Audio-visual, Tags: Exhibition.