Botborg – New York City, USA – Microscope Gallery

7 February 2015
Botborg in New York City, USA.

Microscope Gallery

BOTBORG: Jeff Donaldson & Scott Sinclair
SAT 2.7, 7:30pm

BOTBORG: Jeff Donaldson & Scott Sinclair, SAT 2.7, 7:30pm

Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 7:30 PM EST
Microscope Gallery

admission $6

We are very excited to welcome artists Jeff Donaldson and Scott Sinclair, who is visiting from Berlin, to the gallery for a night of live performance launching their month long US tour. The two artists will be creating visuals through a personally customized analog video mixer that will be further processed as sound via software. Sinclair and Donaldson met in Arles, France during a 2013 residency where they performed their first collaborative audio/visual set, followed by a second collaboration last January in Berlin.

Berlin-based artist Scott Sinclair is mostly known as a performer for unpredictable sets mixing more “serious” elements with “low brow” trash, and for his proficient programming of visual interfaces (Max/MSP, Quartz Composer). Microscope returning artist Jeff Donaldson pioneered in 2001 the practice of “preparing” video hardware for short circuit, which was eventually extended to the production of unique glitch-based textile designs.

Jeff Donaldson is a New York-based artist originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. Through the utilization of hardware-hacking techniques, broken image files, binary data and unorthodox digital processes, the artist seeks to draw a link between current technological culture and ancient art forms. Donaldson’s work has exhibited internationally including at Museum of the Moving Image, NYC; Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio De Janeiro; The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, UK; Leap, Berlin; Transmediale, Berlin; Isetan, Tokyo; White Box, NYC; Art in General, NYC; Eyebeam, NYC; PLANETART, Amsterdam; and iMAL, Brussels among many others.

Scott Sinclair is an audiovisual artist, performer, and programmer. Scott creates work that involves aggressive and humorous collages of different media to form highly interdisciplinary outcomes – from computer music and video art to vocal improvisation and custom-made costumes. Sinclair has a long history in improvised music, in combination with new audiovisual practices and the echoes of expanded cinema. He creates work for performances, recordings, screenings, installations, print, and the web, which has been previously toured Europe, Australia, Japan, Russia, and North America. Scott Sinclair lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Botborg is an international audio-visual performance group that fuses and rewires raw electronic signals to create intensely visceral experiences of sound-color synaesthesia. Using a complex array of custom electronics, Botborg creates totally live multi-sensory assaults of interdependent color and rhythm, pushing the limits of technology to invoke the maximum possible stimulation of their audience’s mind and body. Botborg work with a level of experimentation and improvisation that places them in a territory outside traditional musical or cinematic formats, where the boundaries between art, science, and philosophy mutate until they are rendered meaningless. More info at

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7 February 2015 - Dates - Projects: Botborg, Art: Performance, Audio-visual.