Company Fuck – Florence, MA, USA

5 February 2015
Company Fuck in Florence, MA, USA.

13th Floor

with Bats From Pogo, Pete Nolan.

BATS FROM POGO // COMPANY F**K // PETE NOLAN (Spectre Folk/Magik Markers)

Thursday, February 5, 2015 at 9:00 PM EST
13th Floor Music Lounge

Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – electronics, drums

Company Fuck
(Berlin, Germany)
Company Fuck is a one-man noisecore karaoke explosion. Known for his energetic and unpredictable live shows

(Spectre Folk/Magik Markers)
Beautiful Spacey Jams

$6 – 21+
$9 – 18+


5 February 2015 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.