The Superusers – Mega Myriad Machine

Mega Myriad Machine
by The Superusers (Scott Sinclair, Jessica Comis)

Installation for multiple projectors, quadraphonic sound, and mirror sculpture.

About the installation:

The Superusers present “Mega Myriad Machine” – a sentient sculpture designed to emit sound and light beyond conventional dimensions. Featuring multiple projectors, quadraphonic sound, and a complex system of finely calibrated mirrors, this large-scale work explodes satellites of light into the gallery space, orbiting and engulfing the viewer in a newly born infinite digital cosmos. With a purposely splintered sculpture at the center of the void, layers of stuttering video projected unto its mirrored surfaces create reflections in every direction, which in turn propagate and interact with each other in a symphony of unpredictable and volatile motion. The result is a pulsating, self-multiplying, chamber-sized kaleidoscope of synaesthesia unconstrained by walls or gravity.

‘Mega Myriad Machine’ premiered at the Gr_und Project Space in Berlin, Germany, in 2018.