The Superusers – Lone Survivor of the Surprise

Directors: The Superusers (Scott Sinclair, Pierre-Erick Lefebvre)
Title: Lone Survivor of the Surprise
Format: HD – 16:9 – Color – Stereo
Length: 5 minutes

Compiled in Germany and France, 2017.

Note: This video is available in both 3D (Side-by-Side Half) for use with stereographic projectors/televisions and active glasses, as well as 2D versions.

About the film:

Atoms burn and radiate in minute corpuscles of momentary brightness. Many bands of color leap over and under one another like mutually embracing serpents of intersecting light. Of many points one line; of many lines one shape; of many shapes one solid body. An assault of color separated by endless fields of space. A sensory overload of synaesthetica bursting into a radical form beyond system failure.

This film comprises a series of works documenting The Superusers’ performative audio-visual interactions intended to be viewed in 3D space. Each film portrays the creation, propagation, and destruction of a separate digital cosmos where faceless objects dance and sing in a highly-disturbed sense of synaesthesia. All materials were recorded in real-time.

This video was made with the support of Lab Gamerz, Aix-en-Provence, France.