The Superusers – Every Interpretation of Maxim

Directors: The Superusers (Scott Sinclair, Pierre-Erick Lefebvre)
Title: Every Interpretation of Maxim
Format: HD – 16:9 – Color – Stereo
Length: 4 minutes

Compiled in Germany and France, 2017.

Note: This video is available in both 3D (Side-by-Side Half) for use with stereographic projectors/televisions and active glasses, as well as 2D versions.

About the film:

A sequence of fire-streaks on a video screen during a thunderstorm. A blue pulsating vortex accelerates its spin cycle as a comet drags its tail. Suddenly as movements become swifter, the interweaving grows yet more ecstatic; dimension is added to dimension; until the entire figure of these inter-animated circlings is revealed as the mere superficies of a far vaster pattern, and that figure as the boundary of yet other worlds. Then at the very zenith of complexity, a cascading supernova blasts complexity into a faded simplicity, both ancient and young, beyond comprehension.

This film comprises a series of works documenting The Superusers’ performative audio-visual interactions intended to be viewed in 3D space. Each film portrays the creation, propagation, and destruction of a separate digital cosmos where faceless objects dance and sing in a highly-disturbed sense of synaesthesia. All materials were recorded in real-time.

This video was made with the support of Lab Gamerz, Aix-en-Provence, France.