Maxi Bacon – Mega Buttons

Artist: Maxi Bacon
Title: Mega Buttons
File format: AIF – 24-bit – 48 KHz
Length: 09:11

Label: Toztizok Zoundz ‎– #7744
Release format: Vinyl – 10″
Year: 2011
Split release with Peter Quistgard.

1. Integrity Doomster
2. Needlefish Hayrick
3. Feeling Centipede
4. Watch Your Worm
5. Skulls Imprecated
6. Defecates Devalue
7. World Of Clocks
8. Wave Radar And Ultrasound All At Once
9. Tirewoman
10. Fuck Off Playing With Myself Get Fucked
11. Jittery Credentials
12. Undercover Groin
13. Marshland Miser
14. Electrolyte Idealizer
15. Oxygen Debt
16. Sweeet Relief
17. Overhanging Frosting
18. Renewable Sandwich
19. I Can See The Future
20. Experience My Buttonweed
21. I Can See My Eyebrows
22. Lions For Lambs
23. Rooted Sycosis


Press release:

Toztizok Zoundz presents Maxi Bacon “Mega Buttons” & Peter Quistgard “EyE!” split 10inch

Maxi Bacon and Peter Quistgard split 10inch now available! Sure, you’re thinking “Praise Bob! I have found my calling in life! Instruct me how I might appease thee, O Holy Press Writer!”… But before you get too excited and jump into a ceiling fan, let’s look at the facts…

Maxi Bacon is an Australian/French duo of vocalizing computer nerds (essentially the double team of Company Fuck and Sgure) who have been performing for years in Europe, but are just now starting to get their unique brand of screaming noise released. Following their punchy “Triple Whopper” release on the Grindcore Karaoke net label, here “Mega Buttons” shows that these boys have much more up their sleeve than simply relying on the “dozens of short tracks all punctuated by a grind-hit-full-stop” schtick. But make no mistake – this is sonic brutality of a different kind! Maxi Bacon’s sound does not stay still for a moment – it continually changes, always introducing a new piece of digital trickery or spastic vocal technique, resulting in something like a computer noisecore version of a Carl Stalling cartoon score. At times one can faintly hear microscopic snippets of pop/rock hits buried underneath the crushing mess of digital static and improvised vocal spits, which is perhaps more reminiscent of the cut-‘n’-paste work of turntable masters like Christian Marclay or Otomo Yoshihide than any laptop-sporting contemporaries. Among the many hilarious cues to popular music, on the track “Fuck off playing with myself get fucked” Maxi Bacon allow a certain Billy Idol sample to cut through all the noise and screaming for once to both great relief and true comedy effect. Maxi Bacon show us that computer music can be dynamic, disturbed, and a whole lot of damn fun.

Peter Quistgard is not that (probably lone) guy who bought CoolEditPro all those years ago (of which many of us should thank!), but is actually a one-man-band project from Amsterdam’s Luc Van Weelden. A regular contributor to Amsterdam’s OCCII concert house, he can at times be seen performing in costumes adorned with flashing LED lights and extra tattered arms and heads (like if Swamp Thing fused his DNA with a shipment of Radio Shack components). Similarly, the music on “EyE!” is a triumph in lo-fi audio research – circuit-bent melodies; classic drum machine bangings; distorted low-bit destruction. We are gruffly greeted by the pulsing noise riff of “PeeQuu – Intro” before launching headlong into the main track “GitarDUU”, which seems to have nothing to do with guitars, but more rides a unique line between power-electronics and classic gabber and breakcore. Although this is music constructed from some undoubtably delicious hardware sources, Peter Quistgard displays his latent craft for collage in the software side of things as his structures seamlessly shift and change, leaving you surprised to the end and yet somehow still wondering where you began. There’s an experimental sensibility here which is absent from most of the “8-bit” scene, but believe me folks, you can boogie to this! This is rave music re-imagined in a doom-noise blender.

The package itself is a wonderful looking art object brought to life by equally wonderful visual artists. The record is on shiny white vinyl encased in glossy photo artwork by Jon Vaughn (Canada), a silkscreen print by LL Cool Jo (France), and stenciled inserts by Helena Sanders (USA/Netherlands). Yummy!

Host label Toztizok Zoundz is not new to supporting artists who create new forms of weird and brutal music. The Toztizok alumni is synonymous with Amsterdam’s OCCII – one of the city’s longest standing DIY venues showcasing the outer limits of live music. In other words, these guys know their stuff and deserve your attentions.

So, those are the facts.
And more.
This is your calling.