Half/theory Label

The Half/theory label was established by Scott Sinclair in 2003 and published limited edition works usually by Australian artists. Releases were published less frequently since Scott moved to Europe in 2006.

Label statement:

Half/theory represents a loose collective of Australian and New Zealand artists involved in experimental music, film, and their related hybrids. Half/theory aims to represent projects from Australia and New Zealand that would otherwise remain in obscurity and usually publishes works that are handmade or in numbered editions and only available in small quantities.


Half/theory Netlabel

There was also an online component to the label hosted on archive.org. Digital versions of many of the label’s physical releases plus many more recordings can be found in this collection.

Netlabel statement:

The netlabel component of the Australian artist collective Half/theory. Featuring artists working in a variety of mediums, the netlabel aims to archive older, out of print recordings and present new, live, and collaborative works by Half/theory artists.