Company Fuck – Wobble Unwind

Artist: Company Fuck
Title: Wobble Unwind
File format: WAV – 24-bit – 44.1 KHz
Length: 13:12

Label: Hirntrust Grind Media – HIRNTRUST22
Release format: Vinyl – 7″
Year: 2010

1. Wobble Unwind
2. Hurt Me
3. Your Death My Kill
4. Blackcuntbloodhunt

Artwork: Pakito Bolino

Press release:

Self-described as a “one-man noisecore karaoke explosion”, Company Fuck (or CxFx) is in reality Scott Sinclair – an Australian with a long history in improvised music, who left this behind a few years ago and has since been performing cutup noisecore in crazy costumes to audiences all around Europe. CxFx’s super fast mixes of more ‘serious’ and ‘difficult’ sounds with pop and karaoke firmly place him in the realm of the ‘avant retard’.

Assembled from years of live recordings, the side A title track “Wobble Unwind” is a mega-mix of improvised post-music confusion. Previous CxFx performances have ranged from grim black metal parodies to jumping fluoro karaoke ravecore and the sounds presented here are equally varied and ridiculous. Starting from a lonely digital crackle, we then hear alien noises, a quick Elvis impression, and then it’s full blast ahead into complete schizophrenic overdrive. There’s appearances from Billy Idol, Iron Maiden, Nena, and probably a million other artists on fast-forward or unrecognizable beneath the tsunami of screaming electro grindcore. There’s also a notable interlude of poorly recorded acoustic black metal (Hail the Necrowizard!) and Culture Club comes out for the encore of “Hurt Me”.

Side B is CxFx ‘going back to his roots’ in hellish noisy breakcore. Time to leave your brain behind and report your forsaken soul to the dance floor for some 200+ BPM gabber/amen/metal action. “Your Death My Kill” hits the ground running with an always-welcome one minute Napalm Death remix. The opening doom metal chords of “Blackcuntbloodhunt” help break things up just enough before going completely berserk and escalating into a blurcore haze. On the metal side there are clear tributes to Darkthrone and Anal Cunt, whereas the CxFx production style echoes DJ Scud, Bloody Fist Records, and Hirntrust label mates Zombieflesheater and Passenger of Shit.

The whole package is wonderfully completed with cover artwork from Paktio Bolino (facilitator of the extreme graphics imprint ‘Le Dernier Cri’) and label artwork from Stefan Kushima, which all perfectly compliments the yellow vinyl.