Company Fuck – The Reptilian Way

Artist: Company Fuck
Title: The Reptilian Way
File format: WAV – 16-bit – 44.1 KHz
Length: 07:06

Label: God Rekidz ‎– GOD123
Release format: CD – Mini
Year: 2007

1. lore fleshly
2. Videos of pretty girls gulping internal creampies as if they were water
3. industria masoquista release
4. next fffeunm shots
5. feather gelatinous
6. selfhelp paracentric
7. moisture nurture
8. ambien radiocarbon
9. male muscle boosting system
10. thats one nice dildo
11. Bequeath the opulent present of time
12. ignoble merriment
13. My Friend, You are in Trouble
14. valium revery
15. Where others say NO, we say YES!!!
16. Eliminate all weakness and become the king!
17. gaggle senescent
18. summerset secateurs
19. valium hat
20. your mental energy becoming bad
21. the big unit
22. spastic snowstorm
23. humiliation slice
24. Stronger, More Powerful
25. tinker shakeup
26. callousness megaton
27. tomahawk trimester
28. eliminate indirectness
29. nercoclotted karaoke tardcore
30. beggar is bushy but nap
31. Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need
32. Love is the distance between reality and pain
33. The pain of love is the pain of being alive. It is a perpetual wound
34. significantly two-dimensional
35. Moral? Love? Humanism? Just a beautiful sound of blood streaming from the warm pet’s body
36. The most common cellular phone has 666 channels..
37. necropimping
39. More of the same but different and similar
40. Images in your mind we call the 3rd eye
41. minister evil ufo
42. everything should be ok
43. eye opening
44. weighty enormous up-grade on important statement
45. quote you happy
46. Your material independence!
47. Selecting cures can be really easy.
48. Look at the magic page.
49. money is our god
50. your the voicemail try to understand it
51. enormous cyanamid
52. large browbeaten
53. tabulation moderately
54. ceebrolistics
55. Give your muscles and your soul a boost
56. happiness for the employees
57. Eclectic kinky polysexual cabaret
58. rude mechanicals
59. automatically reversible
60. superhuman masterpiece
61. unuseless invention question
62. death to all fanatics
63. swim in rays of diarrhoea and love and hate
64. an invitation to braindeath
65. catalytic phylogenyl
66. scorching speech
67. foes called him 6
68. Your future, mosaic-paved
69. headline a devil
70. Oprah has it
71. hi cheese
72. check it out now This one is rocking
73. Boost your body resource to the maximum
74. Lean and mean is in
75. Hi, monkey-ball
76. mortification root
77. muzzle velocity
78. Your cash, peach aphid
79. Check out the wonders of pound melting
80. i never died said he