Company Fuck – Noise Karaoke Typecore Megamix

Director: Scott Sinclair
Title: Noise Karaoke Typecore Megamix
Format: DV – PAL 16:9 – Color – Stereo
Length: 6 minutes

Performance: Company Fuck
Typography: Indre Klimaite –
Camera Support: Lloyd Barrett, Joe Musgrove
Additional Sound Recording: Andrew McLellan

Compiled in Germany and Australia, 2011.

About the film:

In 2011 noise artist Company Fuck (or CxFx) was approached by typography artist Indre Klimaite to collaborate on her “Type on Tour” project – described as “contextual typography inside of sound and performance”. See here for more info:

As a large part of CxFx’s work deals with various perversions of the ‘art’ of karaoke, they decided to create something like a “singing text” to accompany CxFx’s noise karaoke performances. CxFx compiled a list of common phrases from his karaoke collection which Klimaite then rendered into screens styled in homage to the simple pixelated text you will see in any karaoke bar. Links were made between image and sound so that the phrases would change, overlay, and collide into each other just as CxFx fast-forwards through samples in his improvisations. The result is a barely readable representation of trashed hardcore with echoes of pop – a kind of rapidly moving audio-visual Dada poetry… or “Typecore”.

The collaboration was premiered in October 2011 at an experimental music evening in Brisbane, Australia. Using multiple camera angles to capture this performance, ten short films were created, each of around 1-2 minutes in length. “Noise Karaoke Typecore Megamix” distills the most energetic and unsettling parts of these films into highly concentrated and unified piece.

See here for the original ten short films:

  1. Oh Wah Oh Wah
  2. You Make
  3. Like A
  4. Ain Mou Tain
  5. And What?
  6. Again With The Funk
  7. News Go Over My Smooth
  8. Baby Friends Red
  9. Ah Na Na Hey Hey
  10. Oh No Do Wah Do