Company Fuck & John Deneuve – The Limited League of Wannabes

The Limited League of Wannabes
by Company Fuck & John Deneuve

Installation for video, sound, and found objects.

About the installation:

What do Company Fuck and John Deneuve talk about when they meet? Q: Did you sing “Wonder Wall” at the karaoké bar yesterday? A: Ah na, I was trying to fly…

Welcome to the working space of two Superheroes. Well, a space where they are still trying hard to be Superheroes. Or Superstars. Or Superartists. Here you will learn about their hard training schedule, what they eat, what they sing, what they poo. They don’t live like us – they are used to living in a dramatically lit world of wigs and lycra tights where ordinary household objects can become Superweapons. Trying and trying again to be what they wannabe, their lives seem to be just a series of disappointments and failures. Or are they are just acting dumb? Their deliberate idiocy could be an absurd reaction to an understanding of serious concepts and idealism. They both are playing the codes of the self-proclaimed Superstar, playing a parody of themselves and somehow reflecting a part of our society.

Company Fuck and John Deneuve’s work collides together in terms of their art as an art of accidents, crashing at the boundaries of good-taste, and art and non-art and pastiche.
Anelor Robin

The Limited League of Wannabes was presented at Erratum Galerie in Berlin, Germany, in 2016.