Scott Sinclair – electronics – Dates

4 December 2018 – Scott Sinclair – Berlin, Germany

Elmer Kussiac Elmer Kussiac is a Berlin-based musical trio featuring cello, double bass, and electric guitar, all of which are processed througha system of analog electronics. The sound represents a diverse array of musical influences that reflect the individual background of each member, ranging from minimalist drone music to contemporary classical music, traditional Turkish music, and noise rock Amélie Legrand – cello, voice, electronics Adam Goodwin – double bass Tatsumi Ryusui – guitar…

4 December 2018 - Dates - Projects: Scott Sinclair - electronics, Art: Sound.

5 May 2015 – SEC_ / Mario Gabola / Scott Sinclair – Berlin, Germany

05.05.Loopsider 5 with 5 events! 19:30h. open doors Concerts start sharp! Loophole Berlin Boddinstrasse 60, 12053 Berlín A night full of noise surprises. Suitness and decadence will take your brain and shake it. Projects out of conventions. IKU SAKAN DEREK HOLZER ATLANTEANS SEC_ / GABOLA / SINCLAIR ESOC more info/ § Derek Holzer (1972) is an American instrument builder and sound artist based in Berlin…

5 May 2015 - Dates - Projects: Scott Sinclair - electronics, Art: Sound.

17 March 2015 – Sean Baxter + Lloyd Honeybrook + Scott Sinclair – Melbourne, Australia

This week the MIUC stages a stellar selection of spontaneous shredders from Germany and Australia in three aleatoric expressions of Deutsche Australier Freundschaft through pan-Indian-Ocean-intersonoversal hypertraversal. Masters of Brutality/Warpers of Reality Steve Heather and Marco Fusinato smash together percussive blasts and guitar squall into a thick, rich, cathartic wall of audial densities, simultaneously dissecting and scorning the notion of conceptual performance. Worshippers of cores from…

17 March 2015 - Dates - Projects: Scott Sinclair - electronics, Art: Sound.