Sponge Sandwich – Berlin, Germany

26-27 July 2019
Sponge Sandwich Festival in Berlin, Germany.

Sponge Sandwich is a deliciously absorbent two-day festival of music, performance, and collage, featuring many of the squishiest and most nutritious artists from Europe and beyond.

The festival also acts as a fundraiser towards the upcoming exhibition “Mademoiselle Margarine” – a retrospective of the works of artist and curator Anelor Robin. Endless gratitude to all the artists and audience for their generous support. This festival is dedicated to her loving memory.

Note: A Sponge Sandwich is not for eating.

Sponge Sandwich Festival Day 1: Concerts

Experiments and merriments in West Germany!
Sonic Environments, Noise Actions, Grotesque Burlesque, Memecore, Aqua Donk.

Julia Drouhin – https://juliadrouhin.com
Aleks Slota – https://aleksslota.com
der Warst – https://der-warst.de
C_C – https://soundcloud.com/c_c
Her Highness – https://hadashinkis.com
Poppy Cox – https://annemarinafidler.com
Jankenpopp – https://jankenpopp.com
Squidwin Triumph – https://soundcloud.com/squidwintriumph
feat. DJ Michael Aniser – https://noisekoelln.bandcamp.com

26.07.2019, 21:00
West Germany
Skalitzer Str. 133, Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Kottbusser Tor

Hot and hungry? You need a Sponge Sandwich! Intergalactic sound artist Julia Drouhin will bring us edible messages from the end of the universe (Tasmania). Deliciously crusty noise sets from Aleks Slota, der Warst, and C_C will give you a good ear-scrubbing. The highly absorbing performances of Her Highness and Poppy Cox might taste strange, but beware, they act as a highly effective aphrodisiac! Still not full? Fishy fake frenchman Squidwin Triumph (BA, MLitt 1st Class) and real french electro hero Jankenpopp will simultaneously make the internet danceable and digestible. Served with yummy audio sauce from local favorite DJ Michael Aniser.

Bon Appétit!

Sponge Sandwich Festival Day 2: GlueHeads

Come and experience works from the wandering contemporary collage project, GlueHeads. Using a highly spontaneous and collaborative approach, artists working with different collage techniques meet to create works which are then exhibited on the same day. There are already six GlueHeads zines documenting these collage actions, with more to come.

“My best friend was a GlueHead.”
Anelor Robin

27.07.2019, 21:00
Manteuffelstraße 42, Berlin-Kreuzberg
U-Görlitzer Bahnof

Sponge Sandwich Festival Day 2: Club

Non-stop dance action in Beate Uwe!
Italo Disco, New Beat, French Boogie, Romantic Robots, Bubble Rave, Banana Split.

Eva Geist
Sarah Hamilton
DJ Hans Gruber
DJ Aperol Spritz
DJ Divorce Express
Sinead O’Connick Jr.

27.07.2019, 23:00
Beate Uwe
Schillingstr. 31, Berlin-Mitte

The final night of Sponge Sandwich is going to be wet! Machines will be bubbling, vinyls will be dripping, and a bath of bodies will be dancing. The hot tropical selections of Berliner favorites Eva Geist and Sarah Hamilton will have you swimming in juicy joy. Giallo Disco Records founder and die-hard disco fan DJ Hans Gruber returns to Berlin with a spicy splash of italo-horror. DJ Aperol Spritz is the perfect accompaniment to any sponge sandwich or jacuzzi party. Belgian resident and international freak DJ Divorce Express (Tzii) knows to always say yes to another excess. And Sinead O’Connick Jr., impresario behind Paris’ Serendip Festival/Label and champion of the French Boogie revival, will surely satisfy your thirst to move.

This sandwich is wet! Bring a sponge!

26 July 2019 - Dates - Art: Curation.