Miracle Beam – Bangface Weekender – Southport, UK

18 March 2018
“Miracle Beam” live on Chin Stroke TV at Bangface Weekender in Southport, UK.

Miracle Beam

Miracle Beam presents a blasphemous orgy of sex-a-fied rainbow noise and Dead Air, guaranteed to trigger the Bangface TV censors and save your Sunday. Miracle Beam is where your weekend face glitter goes to die.
Featuring: Noise drag, jazzed flutes, grotesque burlesque, cardboard cities, Labradoodle, live magic, live chickens, dead chickens, a one-man band, cult videos, video cults, horror poetry, another one-man band, choreographed dancing, unchoreographed dancing, and Weird instruments from Weirdland.
Presented by Le Couteau Jaune and Company Fuck – It’s Miracle Beam!

Chin Stroke TV at the Bangface Weekender 2018

Mar 15, 2018 at 1:00 PM – Mar 19, 2018 at 9:00 AM UTC
Pontins Holiday Park

Chin Stroke TV, the Internet’s premiere powerhouse of hard-hitting edutainment and memetic art-fusion, returns to the Bangface Weekender for the third year running.

With a budget running into the hundreds of thousands and a permanent staff of over 50 dynamic practitioners – Chin Stroke TV leaps beyond the aphasic boundaries of visual performance to nurture a dynamic reflection of the human condition.

2018 will see an evolution of bodies, of material and immaterial space into which you, the intrepid viewer, may peer beyond the relationship between yourself and your transient identity.

Never before has the festival paradigm shifted with such astounding regularity, and yet never before have such changes been defined by such an enduring chaos. Chin Stroke TV has dismembered these configurations.

The aesthetic standards now established, Chin Stroke TV will render in 3D your deepest desires and worst fears, simultaneously spiralling into a screaming vortex of knowledge-effects.

Beamed directly into the fun-pods of the Bangface Weekender, Chin Stroke TV subverts the distance between screen and performance. In an age of truly ephemeral representation, of doggos, protein powder, mango-menthol e-liquid… what is proximity?


● Thought-provoking live shows
● House parties and rave symposia
● Experimental Karaoke
● Child-friendly sensory fun zone
● 82 hours of original Chin Stroke video content over 4 days
● Free party hats and nowhere to charge your phone


Only through Chin Stroke TV’s innovative and highly sophisticated broadcast programme may the great bazaar of equality and language again colour our entangled perception.

Chin Stroke TV at the Bangface Weekender:

This time it’s personal. This time it’s relevant.

18 March 2018 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance, Curation.