Company Fuck – Vienna, Austria

29 September 2017
Company Fuck in Vienna, Austria.

Red Out x Dry Lungs @ SUB

with Venta Protesix, Zombieflesheater, and more.

Red Out x Dry Lungs

Friday, September 29, 2017 at 9:00 PM – 4:00 AM UTC+02
Super Unusual Beings

21h: lecture and discussion by jerome trebing on the ties between extreme electronics and right wing politics

venta protesix (it)

zombieflesheater (d)

company fuck (aus)

onno ennoson

faz og

fall into dry lungs w/ vj weownthenite

inverto boy & abraham wurstkessel

no racism – no sexism – no homophobia – no antisemitism – no antiziganism

if you don t respect others you will be kicked out without discussion!

venta protesix:

Meaning absolutely nothing, the name Venta Protesix gathers the sprawling work of a composer self-confined to the isolation of not belonging to any musical genre or scene.
Always reluctant to make noise with any tool except for his laptop, and thanks to his obsessive attachment to this medium, the most fitting definition that has been forged for his non-music is Laptop Micro-Autism.
By overdriving perversity and derangement into recursive fractalizations of digital noise, Venta Protesix is as unpalatable to serious computer music listeners as he is too abstract and alienating for pedal-bashing harsh noise audiences. His one true goal is to design sound with the specific, single-minded purpose of generating physical distress in his listeners.

some videos

onno ennoson

…the art of juxtaposing & organizing sound.
Dynamic equilibrium between certain points.
The work itself dictates : ‘This is what’s needed’.
Useful to know when to respond.
Respond & encourage others to do the same.
Sonic matter as a gate to different directionals.
Perception & profound listening included…

Neben seinen visuellen Arbeiten im Raum, auf Leinwand, Papier etc.
[ ]
beschäftigt sich Onno Ennoson seit nunmehr zwei Dekaden als
Recording Artist, dessen offensichtliches Interesse an Diversität
ohne weiteres in seinem klanglichen Oeuvre zu Tage tritt :

NoHop. TibetCore. Audio Cut Up’s & Collage.
Field Recordings. Spoken Word. Aural Asemics.
DroneWork. GastroAcoustics. NoTek…

Langzeit Projekte wie ‘Feron’ mit Dita Mattersdorfer
[ ]
oder ‘Klangkueche’ in wechselnden Besetzungen.

Diverse thematisch bezogene Solo Auftritte.
[ z.B.: ]

Exklusiv für das ‘Red Out x Dry Lungs’ präsentiert
Ennoson erste Einblicke in die erneute Erweiterung
seiner Klangpalette mittels semi-modularer Synthesizer.

Für dieses ‘work in progress’ wurde von Anfang an
jegliches Spielen am 0-COAST per Audio Aufnahme
dokumentiert, um wiederum die davon interessanten
Bestandteile als ‘Tracks’ zu isolieren.
Daraus ergibt sich in Folge ein anwachsendes Archiv,
dessen Bestandteile sich in unabsehbar verschiedene,
stetig wechselnden Beziehungen aufsplittern
& zusammen fügen lassen.

fall into dry lungs

FALL INTO DRY LUNGS is the collaborative project of Christoph F. (Dry Lungs Records / Feuersalamander auf Marzipan) and Petar S. (Fall Into Void Recs / Bruising Pattern). Since its inception in early 2015 they have made a name for themselves for their high-energy pedal abusing live performances. Playing either as a noise&drums duo or delivering a cut-up battle style harsh noise set, whatever fits the venue, event & moment best! Their first release entitled “Occult Sacrifice” has been put out by Spain’s Craneal Fracture Records and is soon to be followed by a double-cassette tape set amongst many other things!

29 September 2017 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.