The Culture Show – Bangface Weekender – Southport, UK

19 March 2017
“The Culture Show” live on Chin Stroke TV at Bangface Weekender in Southport, UK.

The Culture Show

The Ancient Graeco-Roman Arts, The Enlightenment, Romanticism, The Industrial Revolution, and now this.

The Culture Show is the only Sunday morning show to begin at noon.

Have your future foretold by the mysterious Smearalda.
Pick up a metaphorical bargain with Auctioneer Foxy Poopwrangler.
Learn the true nature of black metal on the grim and frostbitten ‘Kvltvre Shövv’.
With experimental tap dancing by the charming and continental Mademoiselle Margarine.

Also expect interviews with megastar guests and nonsensical ramblings by nobodies and hasbeens.

19 March 2017 - Dates - Art: Performance.