die Mega Scheiße – Berlin, Germany

8 September 2016

“die Mega Scheiße” @ Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke in Berlin, Germany.

with John Deneuve, Puppe’n Mucke, Airborne Drumz, Kakawaka. Hosted by Harmony Molina & Company Fuck.

Mega Scheiße

Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 10:00 PM – 4:00 AM UTC+02
Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke

Mach dich fertig für die Mega Scheiße!
A Mutant Disco of Weirdos and SuperZer0s.

John Deneuve – electro wave supergirl (FR)
Puppe’n Mucke – kawaii puppet carnival
Airborne Drumz – cyber grind dildo king
Kakawaka – fork noise yeti

mit eurer scheiße hosts: Harmony Molina & Company Fuck

@ Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke
U+S Warschauer Straße, Berlin-Friedrichshain
Plan: https://goo.gl/maps/LrZHbeikYKM2

Eintritt: nur 5 euro

Calling all mutants, weirdos, freaks and geeks! Let’s face it – summer is over. It’s time to get serious. Seriously drunk, that is. It’s time to stop trying to be good, and be bad. It’s time to gather all the outsiders, underdogs, bad idols, not-stars, failed superheroes, and proud superzeroes together and get trashed. When you feel like the world is going down the toilet, you need a Mega Scheiße. And what better place to give birth to this smelly brown baby than in Berlin’s very own boulevard of broken music – Monster Ronsons Ichiban Karaoke. So join us and our colorful carnival of characters for 4 wonderful live acts, plus lots of not-shit-at-all surprises.

Our very special guest is the boogie-licious John Deneuve from France (putain de merde!). Oui, a girl called John, dressed like a second-hand Supergirl, with so much aerobic energy it’s like she can actually fly! (with the help of a ladder). Her strange child-like voice and her primal electro punk beats command your body to sweat til it hurts, and then sweat some more. Artistic, yet silly; innocent, yet sexy; John Deneuve’s first solo show in Germany is not to be missed.

Puppe’n Mucke are a band of crazy characters who play trashy electro rock music in original puppet costumes. Featuring copious Japanese girls playing toy instruments, Puppe’n Mucke are unapologetically fun and kawaii, and probably the best good-time puppet band since Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem (look it up, millennials).

Kakawaka makes mind mangling noise from everyday objects. His favorite instruments are a fork and balloon. Like a lunatic who’s taken over the asylum, or a yeti in a human suit, here comes forth some less-advanced creature who holds great power. Too much power. Simultaneously harsh and hilarious, Kakawaka is live sight to behold.

Airborne Drumz plays metal, but not as we know it. There is something undeniably alien about this guy. Perhaps it’s his style of brutal electronic grindcore with heavily effected vocals. Perhaps it’s his completely space-tastic double-neck guitar. Perhaps it’s his penchant for wearing hats made out of used dildos. Perhaps it’s his Russian upbringing. Whatever it is, we dig it.

Finally, your mega-shitty hosts for the evening will be local losers Harmony Molina and Company Fuck, who will sing songs over fart sounds. So baby gimme that toot toot!

Get ready for the Mega Scheiße!

8 September 2016 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Curation, Tags: Karaoke.