Company Fuck – Vancouver, Canada

18 February 2015
Company Fuck in Vancouver, Canada.


with Hitori Tori, Tantrumist, Merlyn Chipman, Scrambled Ego, Holzkopf.

Company Fuck (psychedelic sexual karaoke chaos)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 9:00 PM PST

Vancouver Pulled Pork Presents:

Company Fuck (Australia / Germany)
“Known to push the limits of taste, Company Fuck represents the future of karaoke, even if it is the kind of explosion we’re not used to. It’s as if the karaoke lyrics we typically see written on the screen act as a piece of interpretation which almost feels like a sport to this skinny character galavanting across the stage, whose prime purpose is to provoke. There’s also a ton of feedback, tortured screaming, and dirty dancing.”

read the rest of the interview with video:

Hitori Tori
Breakcore, acid, hip hop from the man with the fastest hands.

Part acoustic and part electronic drums meets harsh noise and broken electronics.

Merlyn Chipman
Live video feedback mosaics and synaesthetic drone.

Scrambled Ego
Circuit bent electronics. Noise rhythms.

Retro-jungle sounds and cassette tape cuts.

$10 at the door

18 February 2015 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.