Company Fuck – Charleroi, Belgium – Flesh Factory Festival

14 September 2013
Company Fuck in Charleroi, Belgium.

Flesh Factory Festival @ Rockerill

with Den Haan, Rummelsnuff, OVO, TG Gondard, (C_C), and many more.

FLESH FACTORY FESTIVAL 3 : “Let’s get physical !”

Sep 14, 2013 at 5:00 PM – Sep 15, 2013 at 6:00 AM UTC+02


“God gave me a great body and it’s my duty to take care of my physical temple.” JCVD

The Flesh Factory Festival is a celebration of underground music & art, that occurs every two years. From dusk ‘til dawn, the Rockerill, a former factory renovated into an arts center, will gather dozens of bands, DJ’s, artists, performers and even wrestlers ! This year’s edition is called “Let’s Get Physical !” which means sweat, muscles, sexy dances, Arnold, Sylvester, Lou & you !

-WRESTLING ! BODY-BUILDING ! (A ring will be setup in the factory. Between concerts, a local wrestling club (Club-Lady-Man-Catch, from Couillet) will fight, scream and teach you the meaning of STRENGTH !)

LIVE: 3 stages + 1 cathedrale

ROCKERILL: Madame Loyale = Felix Fujicoonn
Head Cleaner (UK, modular acid) – Den Haan (UK, Italo Disco), Anklepants (AUS, Breakcore & animatronic) – Illustration Sonore (FR, Dark Wave) – Devilman (UK, japanoisestep) – Unas (fr – indus 8 bits EBM) – Sounds of Mars (FR – a lot of guitars) + DJ Lazerlove (DE), Kabeljau Mechanische (FR), Buchkan (BE), Aline Alien (BE), Dirty Monitors Charleroi (be, VJ)

LES FORGES : Les planches à roulettes russes (BE, apocalyso) – Company Fuck (AUS, Karaoke noise explosion) – Noir Boy Georges (fr, chanson néo réaliste) – Princess tweedle needle & roc roc it (NL, DE, Freaky Performances) – OKC Collectief (NL, Performances)

LA PROVIDENCE: Monsieur Loyal = Marijs Boulogne.
Vernissage (+DJ FRAU KARL ICEBERG) – Franck/Van Gulick (be, XP improvisation) – Rummelsnuff (DE, Gassenhauer) – OVO (IT, doom) – MsMiroslaw (IT, ritual) – Klaus Womb and penny super pony strip (NL, Gabber) – TG Gondard (BE, French electronic songs) – C_C (FR, Industrial Dub)

CATHEDRALE : -Toys are noise – 2606° Fahrenheit

-PERFORMANCES : Club-Lady-Man-Catch (BE), Madame loyale: Marijs Boulogne (BE), Monsieur loyal: Félix Fujikoonn (FR),
Princess Tweedle Needle & Roc Roc It (NL/DE), OKC Collectief (NL) / Human Floor (BE), Company Fucking Karaoke (DE)

Young artists create around the theme of a wrestler from Charleroi, his life as an athlete, his passion…

During the festival, visitors are invited to sit and watch a selection of short movies and videos (underground classics from the USA / Belgian UFOs / feminist porn …)

15 Euros / Near Charleroi (Belgium) / Doors open at 5 PM
There is no camping area (it takes place in a factory)
Please keep your dogs/parrots/armadillos at home /
There will be a bar + food (also suitable for vegetarians)

Rockerill,136, route de la providence 6030 Marchienne Belgium
The closest train station : Marchienne au pont
The closest metro : “La providence” (line 89)
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14 September 2013 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.