Botborg – Sydney, Australia – NOWnow festival

18 January 2006
Botborg in Sydney, Australia.

NOWnow festival

the NOW now festival, 2006
3 levels of spontaneous sound and cinema


////////////////// LEVEL 2: MUSIC

8:00 Cor Fuhler, (Holland) solo piano

8:30 Oren Ambarchi, guitar
Martin Ng, electronics

9:00 Amanda Stewart, voice
Jim Denley, woodwinds
Milica Stefanovic, electric bass
Ian Peterise, baritone saxophone


9:45 Tony Buck, percussion
Clare Cooper, Guzheng
Sean Baxter (Melbourne), percussion

10:15 En’tract by Rene Claire, France 1924
Live Sound track by Emily Morandini, laptop

Josef Novotny (Vienna), electronics
Hannes Loschel (Vienna) piano & electronics


11:00 Robin Fox, laser and laptop

11:30 (8 speaker event):
Phil Samartzis (Melbourne), field recordings
Joel Stern (Brisbane) field recordings
Camilla Hannan (Melbourne) field recordings
Inge Olmheim (Norway / Newtown), field recordings
Matt Earle (Blue Mountains), frogs
Joyce Hinterding, antennae
Anthony Magan, field recordings
Lawrence English (Brisbane) field recordings

////////////////// LEVEL 3: FILMS starting at 7pm sharp

Noh Cinema: The soundtracks of Teiji Ito and Toshi Ichiyanagi
Approx running time of screening ? 90 minutes

Arabesque for Kenneth Anger 5 minutes 1961 USA
Marie Menken; Music by Teiji Ito.

Bagatelle for Willard Maas 5 minutes 1961 USA
Marie Menken; Music by Teiji Ito.

Dwightianca 3 minutes 1959 USA
Marie Menken; Music by Teiji Ito.

Orgia 12 minutes 1967 USA
Willard Mass; Music by Teiji Ito.

Re-Born 9 minutes 1979 USA
Ian Hugo; Music by Teiji Ito.
Cast: Gusti Bagok, Yass Hakoshima, Anais Nin.

Meshes of the Afternoon 14 minutes 1943 USA
Maya Deren; Music by Teiji Ito.

Atman = Atomanu 12 minutes 1975 Japan
Directed by Toshio Matsumoto; music by Toshi Ichiyanagi

White 7 minutes 1969 Japan
Directed by Toshio Matsumoto; music by Toshi Ichiyanagi

////////////////// LEVEL 1: BAR / INSTALLATION


Kris Wanders

////////////////// LEVEL 2: MUSIC

8:00 Robbie Avenaim, vibraphone
Dale Gorfinkel, microtonal vibraphone

Ben Byrne, laptop
Luke Callaghan, laptop
Alex Davies, laptop
Ivan Lisyak, laptop

Anthony Pateras, prepared piano
Sean Baxter, shit core percussion
Dave Brown, prepared guitar


9:30 Peter Newman, laptop
Peter Newman, film

9:45 Natasha Anderson, bass & piccolo recorders.
Amanda Stewart, voice


10:30 Xavier Charles, (France) clarinet
Jeff Henderson (NZ), baritone saxophone
Cor Fuhler, (Holland) piano
Tony Buck, percussion

11:00 Kris Wanders (Holland) tenor saxophone
Slawek Janicki (Poland) double bass
Alister Spence, piano
Toby Hall, drums

11:30 Thembi Soddell (Melb) laptop
Anthea Caddy, cello

////////////////// LEVEL 3: FILMS starting at 7pm sharp

Eccentricity, eyeballs and Magick and noise.
Approx running time of screening ? 70 minutes

The Cage Silent; 28 minutes 1947 USA
Directed by Sydney Peterson

Adventures of Jimmy 11 minutes 1950 USA
Directed by James Broughton

Ivor Paints Arf Arf 6 minutes 1998 Australia
Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill; Sound by Arf Arf.

De Da de Dum 19 minutes 1968 Australia
Garry Shead; Music by Pip Proud.
Cast: Pip Proud, Allison.

Invocation of My Demon Brother (Magick Lantern Cycle) 11 minutes 1969 USA
Directed by Kenneth Anger; Moog synthesiser music by Mick Jagger.

////////////////// LEVEL 1: BAR / INSTALLATION

LATE NIGHT ACTION: Musique Provocateur DJ Set

////////////////// SOUNDWALK (lead by Anthony Magen)


////////////////// LEVEL 2: MUSIC

8:00 Josef Novotny (Vienna), electronics
Joel Stern (Brisbane), electronics
Michael Rodgers (USA) electronics / radio / guitar

8:30 Karen Booth, alto saxophone
Hannes Loschel (Vienna), piano
Peter Farrar, alto saxphone
Lawrence English (Brisbane) electronics

9:00 BOTBORG (Bris)
Scott Sinclair, guitar, electronics and visual manipulations
Joe Musgrove, electronics and visual manipulations


9:45 Jim Denley, alto saxophone
Peter Blamey, mixing desk feedback
Jeff Henderson (NZ), baritone saxophone

10:10 ARTERY
Jon Rose, tenor and terror violins
Clayton Thomas, double bass and objects
Chris Abrahams, piano

10: 45 PITA
Peter Rehburg (UK), electronics


(55 piece extended version)
Woodwinds: Jim Denley, Peter Farrar, Karen Booth, Jeff Henderson, Lloyd Honeybrook, Ian Peterise, Matt Ottignon, Xavier Charles, Natasha Anderson, Tom Fielding,
Computers: Inge Olmheim, Shannon O’Neill, Robin Fox, Luke Callaghan, Emily Morandini, Ben Byrne, Alex Davies, Daniel Whiting. Brass: Stephen Moorley, Joe Derrick, Simon Ferenci,
Double bass: Clayton Thomas, Mike Majkowski, Slawek Janicki
Electric bass: Abel Cross, Milica Stefanovic
Guitars: Dave Brown, Michael Sheridan, Scott Sinclair, Michael Rodgers, Guzheng: Clare Cooper, Cello: Anthea Caddy, Electronics: Matt Earle, Josef Novotny, Adam Sussmann, Joel Stern, Camilla Hannan, Philip Samartzis, Paul Taylor, Martin Ng, Peter Blamey, Lawrence English. Field Recordings: Anthony Magan, Percussion: Robbie Avenaim, Sean Baxter, Tony Buck, Alex Masso Vibraphone: Dale Gorfinkel. Singing Saws: Jon Rose, Hollis Taylor Piano: Cor Fuhler, Hannes Loeschel. DX7: Chris Abrahams, Accordion: Monica Brooks, Voice: Amanda Stewart

////////////////// LEVEL 3: FILMS starting at 7pm sharp

Dialectics of Sound and Image
Approx running time of screening ? 80 minutes

Report 9 minutes 1964 USA
Sounds and images by Bruce Conner

Enthusiasm: The Donbass Symphony 67 minutes 1931 Soviet Union
Sound and Images by Dziga Vertov

////////////////// LEVEL 1: BAR / INSTALLATION

LATE NIGHT ACTION: DJ Ass Crack VS Toecutter
Janette Howard on the Wheels of Steele


Monica Brooks

////////////////// LEVEL 2: MUSIC

Rod Cooper, Spoonbill & Ibis
Natasha Anderson, prepared piccolo recorder and bass recorder
Dale Gorfinkel, microtonal vibraphone
Rory Brown, prepared double bass
Dave Brown, prepared guitar and Rod Cooper made guitar
Mark Harwood ? Ibis Mark II

8:30 Erkki Velteim (Finland), viola
Robin Fox (Melbourne) live processing
Clayton Thomas, double bass

9:00 Wytcist (NZ) found super 8
Sam Hamilton (NZ) cello, electronics, guitar
Monica Brooks, accordion & electronics


Shannon O’Neill, laptop
Gary Butler, guitar & toys & possible kitchen sink
Rik Rue, multiple recording devices

9:56 Xavier Charles (France) amplified objects
Clare Cooper, Guzheng
Chris Abrahams, DX7
Louise Currem, hand painted film

10:30 Martin Ng, electronics
Peter Rehburg (UK) laptop


11:20 X WAVE

////////////////// LEVEL 3: FILMS starting at 7pm sharp

Synaesthesia, flickers, expanded film and visual music
Approx running time of screening ? 60 minutes

Begone Dull Care 8 minutes 1949 Canada
Norman McLaren; Music by Oscar Peterson Trio

Synchromy – Synchromie 8 minutes 1971 Canada
Film and music by Norman McLaren;

Down Wind 15 minutes 1972 USA
Made by Pat O’Neill; “noises” by Stan Levine

Dance Chromatic 7 minutes 1960 USA
Ed Emshwiller; Music by Lou Harrison.

An American Time Capsule 3 minutes 1968 USA
Directed by Charles Braverman; Music by Sandy Nelson.

The City 8 minutes 1970 Australia
Arthur Cantrill, Corinne Cantrill.

////////////////// LEVEL 1: BAR / INSTALLATION

LATE NIGHT ACTION: Brendan Walls DJ set
TOFUTRON / Frigid VS Unkle Ho!

18 January 2006 - Dates - Projects: Botborg, Art: Audio-visual, Performance.