Other Theory – Brisbane, Australia

17 December 2005
Gyanism in Brisbane, Australia.

Half/theory and OtherFilms Festival presents…

Other Theory

Saturday 17 December, 8pm
Globe Theatre – 220 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley
next to valley train station
Air Conditioned Cinema!
$7 or $5 (students/subscribers/members)

starring in order of appearance…

yusuke akai, daiji igarashi, scott sinclair, joel stern
new collaboration performing live soundtrack to random tv fodder

onemanglitchdeath unveils his new audio/visual creations using GEM (the visual extension of the ‘puredata’ program)

brisbane’s favourite sons of free folk skronk perform soundtrack to “The Magic Sun” (Phill Niblock, 1966, originally made for Sun Ra)

Rob Curgenven (Katherine, NT)
prepared field recordings, washes of piano drone bliss, and soundtrack to “Terrain der Zeit” (Leszek Paul, Germany, 2005)

Exploding Cinema
some of the most offensive, arty, abusive and downright strange videos from the famed UK underground film collective

andrew thomson + lloyd barrett will not be afraid to use reverb whilst spacing out to a completely different Phill Niblock film, “The Movement of People Working”


-original press release-


Two worlds collide as serial noise offenders Half Theory team up with visual pests OtherFilms Festival for a glorious end of 05 gig. A night of weird, lovely and depraved sound and vision.

Depraved, because the night kicks off with OtherFilms Festival presenting The Best of Exploded Cinema – an overview of some of the most offensive, arty, abusive and downright strange videos from the famed UK underground film collective. (Look out for men riding imaginary horses, beefy cleaver-wielding Germans, and whatever you do, don’t get into Mick’s cab…)

Weird, because the sound/image collaborations between Abject Leader (Sally Golding and Joel Stern) and dada-meinhof featuring DanniZ and TinaB take performance (and 16mm film, and overhead projectors, and guitars) into places they were probably never meant to go.

And lovely, because special guest Rob Curvengen, all the way from Darwin via Germany and Poland playss experimental piano body acoustics as eerie as his enchanting bush soundscapes and Berlin field recordings. Expect bewitching weirdness from this internationally-acclaimed sound artist.

All this and lots lots more – a night of sonic/visual experiment with a tantalising balance of art-experiment and low-motive depravity. It will be loud, it will be powerful, it will blow your mind with things you’ve never seen or heard before and folks, it ISN’T rock and roll.

It’s only $7 or $5 , at the Globe, from 8pm, Saturday December 17th.

17 December 2005 - Dates - Art: Performance, Sound, Curation, Audio-visual, Tags: Screening.