Jim Denley & Scott Sinclair – Sydney, Australia

25 May 2005
Jim Denley & Scott Sinclair in Sydney, Australia.


Disorientation is a monthly night of electronic audio-visual performance and improvisation at the Abercrombie Hotel. The event aims to present innovative work by both established and emerging electronic artists to unfamiliar audiences.

This month Disorientation features for the first time The Loop Orchestra, who work exclusively with analogue tape machines to present beautifully abstract and rhythmic music, and the duo of improvisers Scott Sinclair (Brisbane) and Jim Denley on guitar and saxophone respectively. Also, Disorientation regulars Bradbury (ex-Severed Head glam-tronica), Ben Byrne & Jasper Streit (abstract electronic improvisation and manipulation) and Team Australia (audiovisual insanity) all make return appearances.

Full Details:

Wednesday May 25
Abercrombie Hotel (Cnr Abercrombie St & Broadway)
Entry $7/$5


The Loop Orchestra
Scott Sinclair and Jim Denley
Ben Byrne and Jasper Streit
Team Australia

Presented by the UTS Sound Collective and Supported by UTS Union and
Bondi Intermusic

Artist Details:


The genesis of The Loop Orchestra occured in the ashes of a simple two-tape-machine-no-man-band, The Nobodies, which died in a fire in 1980. From those ashes, and with a pastiche taken from the likes of TERSE TAPES, home of seminal Australian Industrial outfit SEVERED HEADS, an ashen poultice was formed to take up further and more involved household heretical experimention, this time with reel-to-reel tape machines. The Loopies, as they are affectionately known, will be presenting a new work “Circa 1901” at Disorientation.


Since 1979, Garry Bradbury has been one of Sydney’s most active and curious exponents of experimental electronic music. From 1981 to 85 he collaborated with Tom Ellard and others on a series of SEVERED HEADS projects before his first solo album, DRUG INDUCED SEX RITUALS, was completed in 1988. He has appeared in numerous guises since, including as one half of Size, backing Sweden and of course as the mastermind behind the travesty that is Winner, but will be playing disorientation solo, ahead of the anticipated release of his third solo album.


Scott Sinclair improvises with varying combinations of modified guitar, found objects, feedback loops, digital noise and plunderphonics. While, to paraphrase a casual Jon Rose, ‘the most refined and complex music available on the planet can be found in the work of Jim Denley.’ An emphasis on spontaneity, site-specific work and collaboration has been central to his work. He sees no clear distinctions between his roles as instrumentalist, improviser and composer. Certainly not the first time the two have joined forces, but bound to be something special.


Both part of the younger generation of Sydney electronic artists currently being spat out of Communications and Electronic Arts degrees, laptops under arm, into part-time teaching positions and casual visits to Centrelink, Ben Byrne and Jasper Streit play regularly both solo, duo and with others. Significantly, they are yet to play a duo set outside of a pub environment (their natural home), now adding the Abercrombie to a weighty list which already includes scalps such as the Sando, and Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel. Blink and you’ll miss it.


Two young artists, with vastly different backgrounds but explosive common grounds.

Willem Paling: Has roots in visual arts such as analog and digital photography and its manipulation through software and available Technologies, Screen-printing and collage, and digital image composition. A Visual communications student by day, Hacker by night, his abilities have now extended beyond photography to the application and manipulation of Sound, Image and Text.

Jono Ma: A Multi Instrumental Musician specializing in Analog and Digital Effects and their manipulation of Guitar and Electronic Synthesis. Also Found working in the field of Film usually in the sound department but also in Editing, Cinematography and Post Production FX. Long Time collaborator of Electronic Music Producer and DJ Phil Smart. Media Arts and Production student by day, experimental sound designer by night.

These artists met, ironically enough through their love and passion for Sport. They began collaborating through Backyard Cricket games and Digging Sand Trenches at their local Sydney Beach. Both are keen amateur commentators with a passion for competitive sleeping.

25 May 2005 - Dates - Projects: Scott Sinclair - guitar, Art: Sound.