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Sunshine Has Blown reissued on LP and CD

It’s taken a while to post this, as though I’m super proud of the record, it is mixed with sadness. In mid-2000s Brisbane, Adam Park and I would regularly play music together at my house. He would splice reel-to-reel loops from tapes he’d found at thrift stores and I would improvise on various instruments and effects. He never ‘auditioned’ loops before playing them, but just cut them in random spots to see what came out. One day he pressed play on a short loop and the words “your sunshine has

19 May 2023 - News - Projects: Scott Sinclair - electronics, Art: Sound.

Company Fuck – “Company Fuck is literally me” Mix

Playlist: まねきケチャ – 冗談じゃないね Pisstank – Punching Captain Ahab – Partybaby A. G. Cook – Xxoplex HeadzUp – Brutality Жестик – Все Пучком (Потап и Настя) Doyoubuleave Kane West – Don’t Stop でんぱ組.inc – 子♡丑♡寅♡卯♡辰♡巳♡ Foxdye – Cheesy Song Clearance Scooter – Endless Summer Ceephax Acid Crew – Grand Marniacid CDR – Footweek Mr. Oizo – De Luca Bill Wurtz – Dumpies Agnès Pe – 0013A Sober Bear – Hit By A Car HDMIRROR – Glazed God Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon – Crystal Power Make Up DJ Neophyte & MC Ruffian…

7 August 2022 - News - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Sound.

DJ Invisible Pink – Pinkcast 5 – Exotica for Pinks

DJ Invisible Pink Pinkcast #5 – Exotica for Pinks Playlist: Haruomi Hosono – 最後の楽園 Goodiepal – My Robotic Skills Have Failed Arthur Lyman – Greensleeves Katapulto – The Morning Gangpol & Mit – Along a Holy Riverside Yellow Magic Orchestra – Simoon Patrick Cowley – Sea Hunt Mike Cooper – Rayon Hula The Spongetaker – Kelp Forest Deforestation Arthur Lyman – Koko Ni Sachiari Yello – Homer Hossa The Mystic Knights…

9 December 2021 - News - Projects: DJ Invisible Pink, Art: Sound.

DJ Invisible Pink mix from Heads Radio

Playlist: Yannick Chevalier – Jingle Année 80 Paranoid London – Eating Glue Moments Of Ecstasy – You And Me Mr. Oizo – Douche Beat Noise-Girl – Discopathology ill-PoisonS – For You Spinee – Pretty Green (Anamanaguchi Remix) Perfume – 無限未来 Krome & Time – The Slammer MetapØd – MetapØd & The Sarcastic Spiders Santisima Virgen Maria – DontOpenThisFileItsAVirus death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – Do U Like Me? Blackpink – How You Like That SOPHIE – Immaterial Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon – メイクアップ! Agnès…

30 November 2020 - News - Projects: DJ Invisible Pink, Art: Sound, Tags: Radio.

Company Fuck on “Unmeet into meat” compilation

These two volumes are born from the need of giving back, for what is possible, to materiality what was blocked by lockdown for Covid-19 virus. Unfortunately the activity of Viande Records was suppose to be very dense in the period that went from 10th of march to 8th of June 2020. Experiences loosed never come back, there will be no any kind of state help that could repay what is invaluable, our way to do music is mostly connected to the sense of travel and meeting friends/people before of the

2 October 2020 - News - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Sound.