Company Fuck on “Unmeet into meat” compilation

These two volumes are born from the need of giving back, for what is possible, to materiality what was blocked by lockdown for Covid-19 virus.
Unfortunately the activity of Viande Records was suppose to be very dense in the period that went from 10th of march to 8th of June 2020.
Experiences loosed never come back, there will be no any kind of state help that could repay what is invaluable, our way to do music is mostly connected to the sense of travel and meeting friends/people before of the esthetics, career and money…
For any of these tracks there is a description about the choice of every author, in general we will never be satisfied with the locals, we will never pursue the logic of the product to be promoted, we will apply inclusive practices but not to build cultural start-up to which many give up for career and personal gain. ΛΛ Abbasso la scena scema!!!!!!!
No any kind of creativity to create value and attention to new spaces of the city in order to redefine public space as a mercy for the development of the smart city, the city of the social exclusion…
Not only music but a lot of thinking about music, life, virus, and power.
Compiled by A Spirale

Company Fuck’s track “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need” is featured on volume 2.

2 October 2020 - News - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Sound.