GlueHeads – Volumes 06 07 08 – is a limited edition anthology documenting the collaborative works of over 20 collage artists from across three nations. It is also the ultimate publication from the wondering collage project, GlueHeads.

In 2017 GlueHeads travelled to Turkey, Morocco, and Iran to meet and work with local artists, and subsequently all the original collages contained within this book were created. The result of over two years of work, this three-in-one book exists not only as a collage of collages, but also as a collage of cultures at the edges of Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Roman format (17cm x 24cm), 94 pages.
Silkscreen, risography, inkjet, and full-colour digital printing on multiple paper types.
Limited edition of 200 copies.
*First 100 copies include an extra double-sided risograph.
Design by maycec.

This book is lovingly dedicated to GlueHeads creator Anelor Robin.

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