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Botborg – “Frying Pan Too Fire” remix by Vaudeo Signal

Botborg is very lucky to receive this ‘remix’ by Chicago-based audio-visual artists Vaudeo Signal – Ben Baker-Smith + Evan Kühl. We received this video on a physical USB stick when we revisited Chicago in 2015. It contained this message: Greetings Botborg, We, Vaudeo Signal, Evan Kühl and Ben Baker-Smith, have been mining similar veins with similar equipment to yours since early 2010. When we saw your set at the Gene Siskel Film…

3 June 2015 - News - Projects: Botborg, Art: Audio-visual.

Botborg – Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography

BOTBORG’s original DVD “Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography” (2005) is now available to stream: DVD download link: (3.6 GB) More downloads:

9 June 2013 - News - Projects: Botborg, Art: Video.

Botborg – To Bypass a Sensory Roadblock

In the past Botborg has sort to cautiously invite its audience into a mostly pleasurable and collusive audio-visual environment. “To Bypass a Sensory Roadblock” is, however, no such invitation. Rather, it is a sort of televisual strangulation that seeks to engulf the viewer in a swift takeover of sound-color calamity. A new phase of evolution beckons our arrival. Time to remove the ‘blocks’.

8 January 2013 - News - Projects: Botborg, Art: Audio-visual, Video.

Botborg – Biofeedback in Simulation

Part of Botborg’s work concerns the induction of new mental states by the means of repeated exposure to machine-aided synaesthetic media. “Biofeedback in Extended Simulation” is an abstract exploration into a sound-color world where glitches transform into rhythms and interruptions come to consume our focus. Reactions to this simulation can be unpredictable. Original version (6 minutes): Extended version (11 minutes):…

6 January 2013 - News - Projects: Botborg, Art: Audio-visual, Video.