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The Superusers – Live in Marseille, France (anaglyph 3D performance)

This is a live camera recording of the first anaglyph 3D stereoscopic audio-visual performance from The Superusers. Audience members were given red/cyan glasses in order to fully experience the computer-generated 3D interaction. The 3D effect is largely lost in this live recording (3D glasses are not essential to watch it), however the futuristic style and synaesthetic dynamic of the performance is still represented. The performance is completely improvised. Recorded at l’Embobineuse (Marseille, France)…

20 February 2013 - News - Projects: The Superusers, Art: Audio-visual, Performance.

Botborg – To Bypass a Sensory Roadblock

In the past Botborg has sort to cautiously invite its audience into a mostly pleasurable and collusive audio-visual environment. “To Bypass a Sensory Roadblock” is, however, no such invitation. Rather, it is a sort of televisual strangulation that seeks to engulf the viewer in a swift takeover of sound-color calamity. A new phase of evolution beckons our arrival. Time to remove the ‘blocks’.

8 January 2013 - News - Projects: Botborg, Art: Audio-visual, Video.

Botborg – Biofeedback in Simulation

Part of Botborg’s work concerns the induction of new mental states by the means of repeated exposure to machine-aided synaesthetic media. “Biofeedback in Extended Simulation” is an abstract exploration into a sound-color world where glitches transform into rhythms and interruptions come to consume our focus. Reactions to this simulation can be unpredictable. Original version (6 minutes): Extended version (11 minutes):

6 January 2013 - News - Projects: Botborg, Art: Audio-visual, Video.