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Post Impressions

Post Impressions

For over 35 years, Jon Rose has been at the sharp end of experimental, new and improvised music. Central to that practice has been 'The Relative Violin' project, a unique output, rich in content, realising almost everything on, with, and about the violin - and string music in general.

Hollis Taylor / Jon Rose - Post Impressions

Hollis Taylor /  Jon Rose - Post Impressions

CD + Book from Twisted Fiddle (10)

The project GREAT FENCES OF AUSTRALIA maps the vast spaces of Australia. Since 2002, violinists Jon Rose and Hollis Taylor have travelled 35,000 kilometres playing and recording the unique sounds of hundreds of fences in every state and territory of the fifth continent, including the well-known 'Dog Fence' and 'Rabbit-Proof Fences'. Along with this video and audio material, the lives and histories of the people who build, look after or use the fences has also been documented. Dr. John Pickard, Australia's leading fence-ologist, has estimated that by 1892 there were over 2.7 million kilometers of fences in New South Wales alone, which used up 20 million cut down trees with a worth of $5.6 billion in today's money. He is still working on an estimation of total fencing kilometers for the entire country at the beginning of the new millennium. The numbers will be serious. Fences are by far the most visible artifacts that we have made on this continent. The Dingo fence is the longest man made thing on the planet, twice as long as the Great Wall of China.

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