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Half/theory represents a loose collective of Australian and New Zealand artists and researchers involved in experimental music, emerging artforms, education, and esoteric research. Half/theory represents some of the many dedicated and unique projects from Australia and New Zealand that would otherwise remain in obscurity. Half/theory was established by artist/programmer Scott Sinclair in 2003.

mail [at] halftheory [dot] com

Shops : Antboy Music : breakdance the dawn : CLaudia : Demux : dualpLOVER : Half/theory : hydatid : Joel Stern and Friends : Monstera Deliciosa : : Post Impressions : PseudoArcana : Pulled Out : secret killer of names : Shame File : Shitwank : Spanish Magic : Splitrec : The NOWnow : thining green penduls : Trapdoor Tapes : tutts

Websites : Abject Leader : Anonymeye : Antboy Music : Autoclave : Biffplex : Botborg : breakdance the dawn : CLaudia : Company Fuck : Demux : gutstring : Hetleveiker : Hydatid : Kettle : Maxi Bacon : OtherFilm : : Shame File Music : SKY HUT : Small Black Box : Spanish Magic : Splitrec : the NOW now : The Perfect Lovers : TRAPDOOR TAPES : Y35.3