Steve-O and the Ceiling Fan

There are probably more reasons not to like Jackass than to like Jackass, but there’s something about this clip which makes me think “Gee, maybe this *could* be performance art”. It’s probably something to do with the way that it’s filmed…

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Vincenzo Altieri’s film muti voxfonici

I am so happy to discover Vincenzo Altieri – a little-known Italian artist, he masterfully layers his own voice to create fantastic music between sound poetry and musique concrete. He calls it “voxfonica”:

Another part of his work is “film muti voxfonici” where he uses his voice to add new ‘soundtracks’ to classic silent films (Nosferatu, Faust, Metropolis, etc.):

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Big Screen Brutals @ Bangface Weekender

This week we visit the glow-stick-glittered shores of North West England for the Bangface Weekender. We’ll be joining the raved-out pranksters from Chin Stroke Records who are co-presenting the festival TV programming with Network Awesome. What excellent company!

Featuring the following BSB programs:

  • Kultur=Kaputt
    Jamming culture until it’s broken. Our selection of brutals from Emergency Broadcast Network, Negativland, People Like Us, Church of the Subgenius, St Sanders, and the very bloody depths of the copyright infringing internet.
  • The Crazy Cult of the New World Church of Creepy Crackpots
    Join us! For a journey through your future-past lives as is only possible with the latest of consumer electronics technology. A rapture of eternally saving channel-surfing, where the gods are crazy and self-ordained priests offer you spirituality at special prices in a blasphemous mix of parody and reality.
  • Glitch Is Fucked
    Get ready for epileptic blasts of computer graphics; rainbowing mushrooms of data corruption; analog synaesthesia processes; documents of pseudo-science; propaganda for non-existent conspiracies; classic early-internet viral weirdness; found videos from unknown sources; and maybe the odd cartoon.

The full program:

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