Big Screen Brutals – 4 July 2020 – Naples, Italy

4 July 2020 Big Screen Brutals in Naples, Italy. Independent Film Show 20th Edition Big Screen Brutals by Botborg is a celebration of six ‘brutal’ videos from current artists using a maximalist aesthetic in video art, digital art, electronic music, and noise. Expect glitchy, psychedelic, violent, and quite beautiful combinations sound and vision. These are electro-shamanic short circuits that lead to a new state of surreality: in Der Kleine Kreis’ Clairvoyant the reduced quasi-geometric

29 September 2021 - Categories: Events, Tags: audio-visual, brutal, glitch, screening, shitcore.

Big Screen Brutals – 6 December 2015 @ Spektrum – The Crazy Cult of the New World Church of Creepy Crackpots

FB event: Sunday 6. December 2015 Doors: 19:30 / Start time: 20:00 “Spektrum” Address: Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln Map: Transports: U8 Schönleinstraße The Crazy Cult of the New World Church of Creepy Crackpots This edition of BSB is all about religion. And conspiracy theories. Weird ones. Caught…

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Big Screen Brutals – 30 August 2015 @ Spektrum – Glitch Is Fucked

FB event: Sunday 30. August 2015 Doors: 19:00 / Start time: 20:00 Free entrance “Spektrum” Address: Bürknerstraße 12, 12047 Berlin-Neukölln Map: Transports: U8 Schönleinstraße The first edition of BSB at Spektrum will feature two different sets of connected short films: 1. “Glitch Is Fucked” (see below for playlist) … or…

24 August 2015 - Categories: Events, Tags: animation, appropriation, audio-visual, Berlin, brutal, electronic music, glitch, internet RIP, low attention span, music video, noise, psychedelic, random weirdness, screening, strobe, synaesthesia, trash, video art, web vomit.

Big Screen Brutals – 5 September 2014 @ Boys Club – The Superusers, Kris Limbach, VJ Meat, Crocanti

FB event: An evening of audio-visual performance encompassing everything from multi-computer 3D explosions to improvisations with dead media. Friday 5. September 2014 Doors: 20:00 Concerts: 20:30 “Boys Club” Address: Gneisenaustraße 52, 10961 Berlin-Kreuzberg Map: Transports: U7 Südstern The Superusers – real-time…

22 July 2014 - Categories: Events, Tags: 3D, audio-visual, Berlin, film manipulation, glitch, live performance, noise, synaesthesia.

Movie Music Magick – June 2014 @ Sameheads, Berlin.

Screening program throughout June 2014 @ “Sameheads” – Richardstraße 10, 12043 Berlin, Germany. FB event: All three of these films are musicals. Two of them feature singing Satans, the other has R Kelly. *Wednesday 11th June * The Apple (1980) Released in 1980 and set in the…

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Big Screen Brutals – 25 April 2014 @ Liebig12 – ASTEPBACK, BOTBORG

FB event: ASTEPBACK– expanded cinema/dance – IT BOTBORG– audio-visual feedback – AU Friday 25. April 2014 Doors: 19:30 Concerts: 20:00 “Liebig12” Address: Liebigstrasse 12, 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain Map: Transports: U5 + M21 + M10 > Frankfurter Tor Entry 5 euro. ASTEPBACK-…

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Big Screen Brutals – 7 September 2012 @ Pony Royal – VJ Meat, Sonic Outlaws, Kultur=Kaputt, Youtube Party w/ Santisima Virgen Maria

FB event: BIG SCREEN BRUTALS Freitag 7. September 2012 20-00 Uhr Pony Royal Siegfriedstraße 12 12051 Berlin-Neukölln *zwischen S+U Hermannstraße und S+U Neukölln. 3-5 Euro für die Künstlern. Programm: 20-21 – Sonic Outlaws (Regie: Craig Baldwin, USA, 1995) 21-22 – Kultur=Kaputt (BSB Kurzfilme Selektion) 22-23 – VJ Meat (Live, audio-visual mashcore) 23-00 -…

17 August 2012 - Categories: Events, Tags: appropriation, Berlin, Church of the Subgenius, culture jamming, live performance, Other Cinema, Pomodoro Tone Style, sampling, V-Atak, Youtube.