Company Fuck – Berlin, Germany

16 August 2018
Company Fuck in Berlin, Germany.

Die Reihe, Total Septum, Company Fuck at West Germany

Die Reihe, Total Septum, Company Fuck at West Germany

Thursday, August 16, 2018 at 9:00 PM – 2:00 AM UTC+02
West Germany Venue

Here ye! Here ye! Behold your summertime remedy for unthinking bikini binges and dehydrated procrastination. An air-unconditioned evening of pure art and even purer entertainment. Or perhaps both/none.

We welcome “die Reihe” from New York City based sound artist Jack Callahan (Sunburned Hand Of The Man) whose work can only be defined, if you’ll excuse the cliché, as undefinable. But certainly it can be said that he expresses an intense physicality in his sound art which permeates from the extremes of his minimalist compositions to his recent deconstructionist sound collages of House and Trap music. Also, it’s awesome.

Another sound-wanderer to bless our beers is “Total Septum” from New Orleans. A flippant press quote might read: ‘Unheard soundtracks from banned cartoons where the characters suddenly realized the horrors of being two dimensional.’ However biology enthusiasts among us may know that the human body has many ‘septa’, including one in the mouth. When listening to Total Septum’s vocalizations one can’t really know if he has mastered his, or misplaced it. Totally.

Joining you for the final meltdown is one-man music machine “Company Fuck” whose rusty frame has recently been returned from a full cybernetic upgrade. Audiences should be aware that CxFx’s usual highly physical performance now contains Extra Metal, so be sure your eyes have had their tetanus shots.

+ DJ-set by “An Outline Of An Inventory Of Some Strictly Audible Things”.

This is all happening at the friendliest elevated fallout shelter that is WestGermany – the Kreuzberg shindig that refuses to be gentrified, even by last century’s standards.

Come melt with us.

Presented by DIYChurch.

16 August 2018 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.