Company Fuck – Den Haag, Netherlands

1 December 2017
Company Fuck in Den Haag, Netherlands.


with Trieblaut, Pressure Therapy.


Friday, December 1, 2017 at 8:00 PM – 3:00 AM UTC+01
De Besturing

As a follow up from three editions of Noise!Besturing a while ago it is time for #4!. This time it will be in the new space on ground level in de Besturing.

We have 3 different acts for you:
Trieblaut (DE)
Company Fuck (DE)
Pressure Therapy (NL)

Trieblaut (Dresden)
Noiserock-Duo Oliver Zorn and Alwin Weber from dresden creating an irrestible melange with dist. bass sounds, pulsing beats and haunting vocals

Company Fuck (Berlin)
Brutalistic and humorous collages of audiovisual media incorporating elements such as computer music, cracked video art, found objects, custom-made costumes, and improvised performance. His work is often concerned with the over-stimulation of these elements to bring about states of intensified noise delirium.

Pressure Therapy (Amsterdam)
A trio with Frank Vis (No input/vocals), Bouk Bouwmeester (fx) and Charis Konstantinou (Klarinet).
They bring together a mix of harshnoise, improvisation and shitcore to get your brain flushed.

Free entrance but as the artists come from far to give you a nice evening, please donate at the bar to cover their travel costs.
(And remember, as always, we don’t have an ATM nearby so bring some cash)

1 December 2017 - Dates - Projects: Company Fuck, Art: Performance.