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"Awash With Even" is the culmination of Hydatid's (David Loose) last three years of work. This music has evolved somewhere around the peripheries of electronica and sound art, producing a fusion of ambient sound scapes, prosaic beats and abstract melodies. Hydatid skilfully composes these elements to create an aesthetic of contemplation.

This independently released cd is the first professionally produced work from Hydatid, who already has a long history within electronic music. Before this there were several cd-r releases (mainly sent to labels and radio), which have been included on compilations and played on radio around Australia and the world. Hydatid has also been playing live since 1999, mostly around Brisbane clubs and festivals. Highlights include "R.E.V." (Real, Electronic, Virtual 2002, at the Brisbane Powerhouse) which featured Pimmon, Hutt River Space Agency and Diaspora, the "Straight Out Of Brisbane" festival 2002 with Scott Sinclair, Ben Frost, I/O (Lawrence English), Low Key Operations and Puzahki, and the "This Is Not Art" festival at Newcastle 2001 and 2002. Hydatid was also part of the "Hold On" installation at "Performance Space" in Sydney 2002, where he featured alongside Tim Koch and Toy Death amongst others.

Since 1997, David has been composing electronic music through an exploration of digital media, focusing on attributes uniquely digital. These being its non-linear nature, its format (ie. sample rate and bit depth) and the algorithms used to manipulate it. The often maligned realm of digital audio is still a vastly unexplored place of elemental sound discovery.

Starting mainly from suburban field recordings, David then processes these sounds until he finds a loop of interest. He then takes these new sounds and places them in a melodic context, where the innate beauty of these sounds can be nurtured and offered to a wider audience. His songs coalesce around these refined loops.

He is also committed to developing his music as a live entity, concentrating on ways of recomposing tracks spontaneously and on live digital processing. This is being realised through a combination of hardware (Rm1-x) and software (max).

David Loose has been involved with Brisbane's experimental, electronic music scene for many years, but not only as a practitioner. He is also dedicated to providing technical support to Brisbane's monthly experimental music venue, "Small Black Box" (, at the Institute of Modern Art. Beyond this, David works as an audio engineer, most notoriously on Australia's "Big Brother".

"Awash With Even" is a highly accomplished landmark release for Hydatid, which points ahead to an exciting and influential future in electronic music worldwide.

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