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Tom Hall - Floats

Letting you all know that my album 'Floats' is now officially release. It was released in conjunction with my performance at OPEN FRAME. Floats represents months of investigative practice in to processing live sound sources in a dynamic and fluid nature. The idea is to create melodic ephemeral moments that expand on the complexity of the original sound source but don't destroy it's original inherent qualities. All of the pieces for Floats were created using a 1980's Yamaha PSS-140 as the sound source.   Floats is strictly limited to 30 copies with the unlikely event of a repeat in the near future. (nearly half have already gone).

Buy it here or here

Listen to a Sample of FLOATS

Added by Tom on 3 October 2007

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Humming through Electrofringe

Some updates:

1) Paul Forbes Mitchell & Lloyd Barrett will be demonstrating their Habitat at Electrofringe.
Habitat combines a light sensitive life simulation (designed by Lloyd in Processing) with live audiovisual mashup objects (designed by Paul in PD/Gem) which allow for real-time improvisation/mixing of both audio and visual material.
The demo is on Saturday September 29 between 4pm and 5pm at the Royal Exchange in Newcastle.

2) In addition to this Paul and Lloyd have finished their "Humming Through Schizophonic Air" album which documents the develop of stage one (Sound Creatures/Inhabit) through 2006/07.  It features a mix of composed / edited pieces with live excerpts from various actions within Brisbane.
A small number of copies will be available at the Newcastle demo with copies being available in Rockinghorse and through Halftheory in... Read more

Added by skon on 27 September 2007

Popul Vuh 1971

Added by joel on 26 September 2007

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Botborg Europe Tour booked!

Botborg tour totally booked for September.

Added by company fuck on 4 September 2007

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Tour of FLUERE

Check out

Returning to Brisbane after a hefty east coast tour of his album Fluere based on Brisbane's Story Bridge. Lots of content and images from the tour on Tom's blog including mp3's from improvised sessions with Triad, Bum Creek, Shoeb Ahmad, Orara and Sun of the Seventh Sister all worth a listen.

Added by Tom on 4 September 2007

True Kvlt

You need this pedal!!

Added by Nick Dan on 26 August 2007

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ANTBOY back in oz !!!

2 september - will guthrie solo - the toff in town, melbourne, AUS
4 september - will guthrie solo - the tounge & groove, brisbane, AUS
5 september - will guthrie / dave addes - the blue birdy, byron bay, AUS
6 september - assumptions trio - the laundry, melbourne, AUS
9 september - will guthrie w/pateras/baxter/brown - the empress, melbourne, AUS
10 september - matt earle/will guthrie/adam sussmann - the now now, sydney, AUS
11 september - will guthrie/ren walters/chris bekker - bennetts lane, melbourne, AUS

Added by antboy on 25 August 2007

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4Layers of 9 --- new album --Glass Vogle 2007=---!

4Layers of 9 --just released new album --Glass Vogle 2007=---!
the 3rd full lenght album  by 4 layers of 9 combines the usuall shunted beats, noise, junk metal and electronics unco-ness in true trundel clack style. More melodic than past releases, the 7 tracks embody a rhythmic mish mash of unsmooth transitions, noisy interruptions and mistakes with punko ethics. Limited edition with handmade covers etc--get from the half theory shop or contact me on the obligatory my
yay--will be in QLD music shops next week

Added by meatwave on 8 August 2007

Abject Leader at LA8 Melbourne

Host unlimited photos at for FREE!

photo by Christina Tester

Added by joel on 2 August 2007

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'Cast dem


Irregular podcasts here...

Includes recent performances by Peter Newman & Sumugan Sivanesan, avant radio mixes from Spitting Bits, and unusual household occurences and visitations at The Presbytery...

Added by Sumu on 28 July 2007

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