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is a monthly series of events, aiming to bring
together both well-known and emerging artists working in audio or audiovisual performance. For more information contact: Shannon Oneill
@ Lanfranchis Memorial Discotheque, Lvl 2, 144 Cleveland St, Chippendale. From 8pm. $5 donation.

NOWnow, Sydney.
small black box, Brisbane.
liquid architecture 3, Melbourne.
Make it up club
every Tuesday night from 8.30 pm, upstairs at the Planet Cafe, 386-388 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne. (PH: 03 9417 1389).
Club Zho, Perth.
Raised on Static, Perth.
i m p e r m a n e n t . a u d i o, Sydney.
Frigid, Sydney.
Sydney Spring international festival of New Music, Sydney.
Sonik Dosage 02, Perth.
Perth International Arts Festival, Perth.
2002AD ANALOGUE2DIGITAL, adelaide fringe, Adelaide
electrofringe, Newcastle.
What is Music?, Sydney & Melbourne.
Undue Noise, Bendigo
7th International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition, Sydney.
Immersion, Melbourne.
Cinesonic, Melbourne.
Sonic Residues, Melbourne.
Sandgate Music by the Sea Festival, Brighton.
fabrique, Brisbane.

Special Events:
"Beyond Noise: Acoustic, Technical and Metaphorical Aspects of Noise in Music and Visual Arts" Conference,
Center for Research in Electronic Art Technologies,
University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. August 1-3, 2002

Fretless PO Box 87,Curtin,ACT,2605
Sound Quality C/ABC RN, GPO Box 9994,Sydney,2001
The Listening Room ABC Radio,Box 9994 GPO,Sydney, NSW,2001
NMA ABC Classic FM,GPO Box 9994,Canberra,ACT,2601
Difficult Listening PO Box 2237,Kardinya,WA,6163
Hybrid PO Box 812,Parkville,vic,3052
Ultima-thule PO Box 633,Potts Point,NSW,1335
Radio Alchemy P.O.Box 613, Newtown, NSW, 2042
possible musics 28 wirth st, bendigo, vic, 3550
Power Spot C/-Hans Stoeve,3/12 Murdoch St,Cremorne,NSW,2090
Hydrogen Jukebox 2RES-FM,Paddington Town Hall,Paddington,NSW,2021
Audio Daze PO Box 123,Broadway,NSW,2007
Radio Alice PO Box 123,Broadway,NSW,2007
furthermore p.o. box 517,earlwood,nsw,2206
beatsandbytes 2MBS-FM,76 Chandos St,St Leonards,2065
Our World Through Serotonin 2MBS-FM,76 Chandos St,St Leonards,2065
Eclectic Chair 2MBS-FM,76 Chandos St,St Leonards,2065
Background Noise 2MBS-FM,76 Chandos St,St Leonards,2065
Beatrooted P.O.Box 237,O'Connor,ACT,2602
The Vanishing Point Alan Bindig,650 Bridge Rd.,Salisbury East,SA,5109.
Three D Radio,48 Nelson Street,Stepney,SA,5069
Sub-Sequence 2xxfm,GPO Box 812,Canberra,ACT,2601
S.I.N.G.E.D. 2xxfm,GPO Box 812,Canberra,ACT,2601
Headcharge 3rrr,PO Box 304,Fitzroy,VIC,3065
DELIVERY 3rrr,PO Box 304,Fitzroy,VIC,3065
Essentially Affected Dale garbutt,c/o octapod,3/231 king st,newcastle,nsw,2300
2NUR FM,University Drive,Callaghan,NSW,2308
2MCE-FM Panorama Avenue,Bathurst,NSW,2795
3PBS-FM, 47 Easey St.,Collingwood,VIC,3066
SUB FM, attn:Simon,Union Building,La Trobe University,Vic,3086
Friday Tripout 2mcr,PO BOX 1420,Campbelltown,NSW,2560

anonradio, Sydney.
radioqualia, Syndey.
House of laudanum, 1373,darlinghurst,nsw,1300.
orang.orang, Germany.
Antenna Radio, USA.
shoutcast, genre: Eclectic

Overseas Radio:
WAIF, An Afternoon Bizarre / Patrick Thibodeaux, P.o. Box 58674, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45258 USA

MP3 Download Sites that has 'Experimental' catagories:

Discussion E-groups for Experimental Music


Arc Co-op, Southport.
Elison, Brisbane.
wagga space program, Wagga.
Arterial, Brisbane.
Metro Arts, Brisbane.
M.A.A.P., Brisbane.
A.N.A.T., Adelaide.
ausfreeimprov, Brisbane.
WA New Music Archive. Perth.
AMCOZ, Sydney.
Q Music, Brisbane.
New Music Network, Sydney.
The Tura Events Co., Perth.
EXPERIMENTAL ART FOUNDATION, Lion Arts Centre, Cnr North Terrace & Morphett St., Adelaide SA 5000.
Modern Noise

Synaesthesia, Melbourne.
Big Star, Adelaide.
78 Records, Perth.
Rocking Horse, Brisbane.
Skinny's Records, Brisbane.

Print: Rockus Ujaku Spectrum Tape Crusader Realtime
Bananafish, USA.
Last Sigh, USA.
NMA Publications
The Wire, UK.
metal-silvae, romania.

Recycle Your Ears
Fine Art Forum, Brisbane. (Art Magazine)

label:KETTLE, Brisbane.
Serbsky Institute, Brisbane.
Brainlab Systems, Brisbane.
Stoat of Victory, Brisbane.
Trans:Com, Brisbane.
Sewing Circle, Brisbane.
MDB, PO.Box 3272,Loganholme,Qld,4129
Alan's Got A Burner Records (AGAB) Records, Brisbane.
sound malfunction, Brisbane.
Shytone, Brisbane.
Consume, Brisbane.
room40, Brisbane.
Blank Tapes, Adelaide.
Surgery Records, Adelaide.
Spill, Melbourne.
Dr Jim's Records, Melbourne.
soba, Melbourne.
Seraphic, Melbourne.
Chapter Music, Melbourne.
Shame File, Melbourne.
marsupial sounds, Melbourne.
Solitary Sound, Melbourne.
Dorobo, Melbourne.
Sumac, PO.Box 1353,Carlton,Vic,3053.
Secession, Melbourne.
Camera Obscura, Melbourne.
Heartland Records, Melbourne.
5x3, Melbourne.
Black Hole Recordings, Melbourne.
Bergerk!, Perth.
aural industries, Sydney.
Subversive Records, Sydney.
vibragun, Sydney.
Psychopyjama, A682,Sydney South,NSW,1235.
Dual Plover, Sydney.
zonar, Sydney.
Consumer Productions, Hobart.
Sigma Editions
fucking stoner records
Start Transmission
Noise is Art Records

Overseas Labels:
CORPUS Hermeticum, NZ.
cmr, NZ.
dense, Germany.
Wood Records, USA.

Sydney: implicate order OiM-6yV
poet in residence, Brisbane.

black peppers, 40B Charlotte St., Brisbane.
Brisbane Powerhouse
Metro Arts, 109 Edward St.,Brisbane,4000.
Arcadia @ the arc co-op,164 Marine Parade,Southport,4215.
the farm, Brisbane.
shinsound gallery, 1st floor Maples lane, Prahran.
Rhino Room, 13 frome St., Adelaide.

List of Brisbane Artists.

Zane Trow, Artistic Director, Composer/Performer, Sound Artist.
Trow was born in London in 1956. He left school to be an artist, but dropped out of fine art-school to study experimental music composition. Trow has since been professionally involved in the contemporary live and sound arts since the mid-1970s. His work spans creative development, performance art, sound installation and musical composition for dance, theatre, visual arts and film, contemporary performance direction, community arts, critical writing, arts consultancy, project and curatorial management services, arts organisation, festival and event artistic direction, arts management training and cultural policy activism. He has studied Kathakali dance/drama percussion in India and toured multi-media art to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and India.
He works with improvisation and sound art treatments thru pure frequency modulation synthesis, complex digital delay systems and with Ross Bencina's Audiomulch sound software.
Recent electronic sound and music includes installations for the Centre for Contemporary Photography and the Melbourne International Arts Festival, synthesizers, devices & delays for George Telek (an ARIA award winning CD), sound art for the ABC "Listening Room" and voice compositions for experimental theatre. Recent performances in Brisbane include ambient raga/sound improvisations at dawn for the Powerhouse Turbine Hall space. He is currently working on a long-term series of large scale sound installation/performance projects with David Toop, Richard Barrett, Scanner and I/O at South Bank Parklands.
His work as a curator in live art and new media in Australia has involved major projects with the National Gallery of Victoria, the Art Gallery of NSW, the Victorian Arts Centre, QUT, RMIT University, Scienceworks and the Sydney City Council. Published writing includes RealTime, Artworks, Dance Life, Westspace "Dialogue" and "Artists Talk" and Australasian Performance Studies Journal.


David Cox is a writer, film maker and digital media artist based in Brisbane. He has made a number of short films including "Puppenhead", "BIT", "Otherzone" and "Tatlin". In addition to short film production, he also dabbles in sound collage, and experimental music. His Masters research at RMIT examines the overlap between urban planning, architecture and online shared communities. He is currently lecturing in Digital Screen Production at Griffith University.

Molly Hankwitz is an american-born writer, artist, curator, and editor. She has written about art and culture for the net and print publications for over ten years. She has performed in poetry and sound collage in a potpourri of small artists-run venues and has created projects in architecture, film, video, and experimental media. She is presently developing new work in self-identity and digital practice for feminist culture, public culture, architecture and language. She teaches and writes in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

, based in Brisbane, is the sound art based musical project of Lawrence English. A mesh of treated field recordings, ambient soundscapes, mellow beats and the odd bit of abrasive digital processing, I/O’s approach is based on improvisation and aims to output innovative sound through unexpected musical collisions and combinations. Exploring aspects of both minimalism and maximalism, I/O is at its core a sound collage project.
In its time I/O has undertaken a wide range of live performances at festivals, clubs, cafés, public spaces, cinemas and galleries. I/O has improvised soundtracks to silent films, including The Wind in late 2000 and High Treason in August 2001 as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival alongside London’s minimalist anti-hero Scanner.
Currently engaged in an ongoing collaboration, I/O and Scanner will be producing an architectural installation, Secrets Of The City, at the Brisbane Powerhouse in April 2002. Other collaborations I/O has undertaken include an album with Brisbane author Nick Earls (Ten Things You Should Know About Sex) and a continuing noise project with British cultural critic and writer Jack Sargeant.
Some other facts:
In 2001, I/O issued the debut full length Ill Translation.
Composition For Solo Voice #1 is currently being presented as part of the touring European arts festival Medi @ Terra
I/O has shared the stage with artists including DJ Spooky, Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms), David Shea and Mike Patton’s Fantomas.
I/O is to be featured on a new Marblebar compilation due for release in the UK in October.
I/O has remixed tracks from artists including Not From There, Soma Rasa and 2Dogs.

Browning Mummery
Andrew Lonsdale, who is responsible for the Browning Mummery (BM) sound, began producing electronic and experimental music (EM) in Rockhampton in 1980, and after relocating to Sydney in 1981, became part of the early industrial/experimental music scene there, releasing several cassettes and performing as Boxmusik, ISMism (a collective experiment), and Atomic Disease (with visual artist Nigel Gurney). Browning Mummery began in 1983, to be one of the original acts released by the early ‘Extreme’ cassette label, and appeared on compilations including the legendary “Lunakhod” cassette album (1984), with Severed Heads and others. The film/performance “Square” by Jo Cunynghame, with BM’s soundtrack, was a showcase feature at Melbourne’s Arts Festival (1985).
Browning Mummery, Australia’s quiet pioneer of electronic and experimental music, has been singled out by Tom Ellard (Severed Heads) and Philip Brophy in articles on Australian EM, as being at the forefront of Australian experimentation with audio montage and soundscaping. BM has been credited as being highly influential by members of Itchy & Scratchy and numerous other ’new generation’ EM acts. BM has appeared on many community radio stations around Australia, and overseas radio playlists.
After leaving the Sydney area, in recent years BM has performed at many events and venues in Brisbane, including the Livid Lounge (1995) with Memory Loss, the Boundary St Festival (1999), and frequently with the Electric Tipi Collective. Working with John Murphy (Whirlywirld / Hugo Klang), over 10 years, has recently culminated with recorded work released in Europe in 2000.
Launching into 90’s digital media as part of the pioneering “Obelisk” web site (1995-) and a 1997 CD release; BM’s sound and interview featured on Optus Localvision’s “FOI” video documentary (1998).

is David Loose. He has been creating electronic compositions in Brisbane since 1997, and has been playing live since 1999. Hydatid’s sounds have been created through a combination of software and hardware and are an exploration of digitilism. No analog equipment is used. Digitilism is a philosophy of sound creation, an exploitation of attributes which are uniquely digital. The sounds of clipping, lowered bit resolution, physical modelling synthesis, wave editing, algorithm distortion etc. These compositions are uncomfortable, disturbing, largely unstructured, yet deeply layered. The sounds sprawl non-linear, evolving, self-replicating. Melodies are fractured, detuned. Highly compressed data streams; corrupted. Meanings unretrievable. David has recorded four full length CDs, which he has distributed to Australian radio stations, independent record stores, and record labels. His songs have featured on a number of Brisbane compilation CDs (released in Australia), and have also received nation wide air-play. As a live unit, Hydatid uses a Yamaha An1-x synthesizer, a Yamaha Rm1-x (for live sequence remixing), and a PC. He has played at various clubs and art festivals around Brisbane.

Alan Nguyen is a Brisbane-based sound-artist and/or composer and performer of ambient/experimental music. Past performances have included: "Ambient Explosion II", "interFACES", "Asfolt", "Visible Inks", "Thus Spoke...CD Launch" (2000-01).
Alan organised 'A night of noise...' (CD launch for local noise-artist, AGIT8) in November 2000. He has written the music for the theatre-production "Broken Down", which was performed at 'LaBoite Theatre' in 2000. Apart from his solo work, Alan also plays guitar in the free-improv band the "Conscience Quartet".

An electronic/acoustic/organic fusion, endoPHONIC present a live mixture of pre-digested and improvised material that ensures each performance is a distinctive event. Their performances use home-made MIDI controllers, electronic transformations of acoustic sounds and real-time software synthesis. Their performances explore sonic textures and wefts; the result is a swirling morass of haunting sonorities and addictive beats.
endoPHONIC is greg jenkins (mixage, electronic percusion, cactus) and richard wilding (ebow guitar, mixage). In recent performances, classical musician jane elliott has joined endoPHONIC to fuse the beautiful resonances of her cello with their distinctive electronica.
greg is known as "cactusman" due to his penchant for playing a cactus as an amplified acoustic instrument. He also builds various midi-devices which he uses to control software synthesisers. At endoPHONIC gigs he’s the one prodding, kneading and caressing the rubber coated surface of the midi percussion controller.
richard works with computer-based synthesis and composition. He tortures his guitar with an e-bow and a variety of medieval effects devices. Blending disparate elements, his wild eclecticism doesn’t respect boundaries of genre, style or taste. He is also a respected new music critic and literary theorist.

MoonPatrol explores space through a complex soundscape of noise, drones, sweeps and squelches to take you on a journey into their world of sound. The two occupants of this vehicle of noise are Tony MacDonald and Michael Leo; orbiting around Brisbane since October 1999. With the use of Theremin, guitar, analogue keyboards and various effects MoonPatrol has taken on various missions around Brisbane to Bonapartes, Zen:Reaktor Warehouse, Brisbane Convention Center and various other landings around Brisbane.

A Short Journey
A deep, meditative, electronic ambience explores a soothing, sonic landscape. Overwhelming audiences for 3 years, Matt & Daniel Gordon, are admired as artists, organisers ('Garden of Earthy Delights", Northey Street City Farm) & producers ("Order from Chaos" Compilation CD of Brisbane Electronic Artists, a fund raiser for East Timor permaculture). A Short Journey's highlights include: the track 'Public Space" on ABC Sound Quality Compilation CD; supporting 'Peeled Hearts Paste" Brisbane Tour & performances at "Electrofringe", Newcastle.

A Brisbane-based improvisational three-piece noise band consisting of Stuart Mackey (drums/devices), Scott Sinclair (guitar/sampler) and Gordon Duguid (synth/sampler).
A single piece (which may last up to 40 minutes) will contain a concoction of drones, buzzes, bleeps, bells, feedback, alien voices and haunting climaxes - brilliantly intensified by Mackey's explosions on the kit. Sinclair's guitar work (or abuse) is at its best sinister but usually terrifying, while Duguid's synth (the only strictly 'electronic' instrument here) simultaneously melts from the walls and conjures thunder from the heavens.
With definitely different musical elements at play at any one time: ambient electronica at the fore with jazz, rock, eastern... deconstructing and reconstructing the instumental impulses into inherently conceptual, yet unattainable sound. pH3 can only start to be comprehended while enduring the darker side of live performance.

Andrea. Experimental Electronic. CD - "Play With Machines 2", 2001. EAS Brisbane.

Mastaneh Nazarian graduated in 1995 with a BA in Professional Music (Guitar and Composition) from Berklee College of Music. She has also studied composition with Gerard Brophy and Electro-acoustic composition with Rodolphe Blois.
Since her arrival in Australia she has been active as a composer, teacher and guitarist, organizing concerts and performing with her jazz quintet at various venues in Brisbane. Mastaneh is extending her interest in multi art by composing for film and theatre.
In 1999 one of her compositions was performed at the Darwin Guitar Festival. In 2000 Mastaneh was one of 18 composers who were invited to attend the Talloires (France) International Composers Conference. She is currently composing and organizing an ensemble for a concert that will feature work for the 6 string electric bass.

Oxford Parker [Email] -Farcical Electronic Phenomena.
Rodolphe Blois [Email]
Pulsations - collaborations with electronic music artists and acoustic instruments (ie recorders!). [email]
Human Abbotoir
John Watermann
Brett Collery
Axel Brandle
The Conscience Quartet
A Short Journey
Mick Baker Noise Extortion
Olmec Heads
The Mushroom Gobblers
Low Key & Nude
The Perfect Lovers
Lawrence English
Vacuum Pact
Michael Norris
Almost Apathy
Mirko Vogel
Uyn Osterwiekes
Intermonetary Seizure
The Neil Armstrong Experience
Browning Mumery
Rats of Nimh
Ross River
Unhappy Beep People
Secret Laboratory
Column 3-57
Burning Plastic
Paulo Childs
4 Layers of 9
Onan's Way
Dan Horwood
Adam Donovan
David Cox
Project Space Anus
Yellow Music
The Stress Tensor
Paul Abad & Simon Wolfe


Other Australian Artists.

Ultra-Sound uses analog, digital and homemade circuit-bent instruments, field recordings and radio transmissions in an ever evolving matrix to create textured soundscapes varying from harsh to haunting to challenge preconceived ideas of music,performance and art

Undecisive God - Solo project of Clinton Green with occassional collaboraters. Sounds range from minimal guitar pieces to dark soundscapes to gentle ambient. Sounds are produced by guitars, bass, effects loops and some processed samples. The effect aimed at is a form of abstract/surrealism in sound, communicating those things beyond words. Began recording early 1990s. Have released several small-run cassettes and now moving to CDs. All releases are available cheap or preferably for a trade of your own music.

Eat Cheese please (a.k.a-Chris McNeilage), a Melbourne artist where banality, irritance and repetition meets a kind of 'ween' type pop. Delving into 70's cartoon samples and atari synth melodies, makes it vaguely reminicant of fat boy slim kind of groups... but with a more listen to than dance edge. Your ears will be bleeding in no time at all.
[Email] site:

Jim Denley, Sydney sound artist using wind instruments and digital manipulations releases on Split Records and many overseas labels.

alice, Sydney.
Paul Savage-Wroth, Perth.
dirty mouse
marc hiatt
soba ||D
Wagga Space Program
The Loop Orchestra
New Waver
C:atmos & SEO, Melbourne.
St. Crustacean
Warren Burt
Peeled Hearts Paste
Fist Funk Futurists
Shannon O'Neill
Selective Memory
d.j. urinal cake
Unstable Ape
Wake up and listen
A Kombi
Tape Phylum
Ross Bencina
Prolapse Leisure Industries
Ben Crothers
Ecclesiastical Scaffolding
Cat Hope

Touring to Brisbane:

Contact rachael johnston at rics, c at the zoo, Andrew Ross at Powerhouse.