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Almost 2 years ago i asked the help of my friend Camille Troillard (Osculator's website) to help me to build an app to be able to use the Sixaxis Ps3 Game pad with my macbook.

After a bit of work we ended up with "Tetlove"  a terminal app acting as an OSC bridge that give the possibility to use the Sixaxis, PSmove etc...

Tet_move_experiment from FreeKa Tet / Sgure on Vimeo.

Please note that the sixaxis is 16 pressure sensors, xyz accelerometers, 2 joysticks and 5 digital buttons.

The bluetooth pairing is already implemented by OSX.

If you are interested to use these controller and do your own diy controller, you can download the Tetlove package.



The Download package is given as it is. ( i project to make it better and easier to understand when i got more time).



Picture 1: Controller Built with my friend Kik (website